Old journals, continued

Just posted a new batch of old journal entries, bringing us up to September 1986.

Many thanks to all the readers who have written in to comment on the old journals. The October 1985 animation reference video seems to be especially popular.

So OK, the die is cast… I’ll continue this “blog from the past” so you can follow the development of Apple II POP (and related matters) in all its gory details. True diehards can subscribe to the old-journals RSS feed here. And yes, there will be more videos to come!

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  1. 11-1-2008

    OMG! These old journals rock!
    I’m really, really, really looking forward to more old journals!

    Just wanted to say that :)

  2. 11-7-2008

    I want to read them forwards. How do I access the first entry rather than having to click back from the last entry?

  3. 11-7-2008

    Alex — link added; see above.

  4. 11-25-2008

    These journals are fascinating — I’m amazed that you kept such a detailed record of the design process at the time! I encourage you to keep posting them. I find the little videos awe-inspiring too — it’s fun to see how they compare and contrast to the final element.

    I’m very pleased with the trend of writers, game designers, filmmakers, etc. cataloging their design process — the little stories of history, told as they were formed (and not idealized), are beautiful.

  5. 12-14-2009

    Great article thank you for sharing!

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