Writing a video game

The Sands of Time: Crafting A Video Game Story, an essay I wrote a couple of years ago for MIT Press, is now available online. If you’re curious about the nuts and bolts of video game writing — and how it’s different from screenwriting — check it out.

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  1. 10-23-2008

    This was a fascinating article, thanks. I’ve wondered about how to develop stories for videogames, but I’m not that much of a gamer — at least not with the current crop. Do you feel that’s a hinderance?

  2. 10-25-2008

    Jordan –

    That was a great piece. I’ve been telling stories cinematically for about five years, and as a gamer have had several ideas that leaned into gaming territory. While I’ve been met with the usual “it’s too hard to break in” blather, I’ve found very little real information about the process. I’ll be following your blog closely from now on.

    Thanks again!

  3. 5-13-2009

    hello mr jordan if you read this message i want that you know that it’s my dream to speak to you face to face and perhaps make the 5th prince of percia together …..i hope ^^


  4. 5-11-2014

    Hi Jordan, I would love to read this article you refer to, but I believe the link is broken. If you have time, can you shoot me an email with the correct link?

    • 5-12-2014

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for bringing our attention to this. The link is now fixed.

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