Game to movie to graphic novel

This month’s Game Informer magazine has an opinion piece I wrote about the creative process of adapting a property across different media. You can also¬†read it here.

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  1. 11-23-2008

    This article makes me want to read the graphic novel more. I ordered it, and it should arrive somewhere next week. :)

  2. 11-24-2008

    That was real good article. Thank you for bringing light on it. I was wondering how would Prince of Persia be adapted for a musical or theater production in your opinion?

  3. 11-25-2008

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your website so far. With writings like these plus your old journals, you give off a very relaxed insightfulness, instead of the opinionated yelling of many blogs on the internet. Plus, the journals are great to read for someone who’s somewhat young and trying to put together their own life path.

  4. 11-26-2008

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  5. 1-28-2009

    nicely written jordaninsitful and succinct.

  6. 1-28-2009

    I meant “insightful and succinct”

  7. 2-16-2009

    Hi Jordan,

    When will we see the first bit of marketing from The Sands of Time movie? I heard that the poster will be seen in “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. I thought one would be released online as well, but so far… nothing.

    I seem to be the only person really looking forward to this movie – can’t find any active forums/message boards either. It’s so frustrating!

    I need my PoP fix! :)

    • 5-2-2009

      Hang in there Rohit… that train will leave the station pretty soon!

  8. 11-7-2009

    awesome information. I am happy I found this blog.

  9. 8-9-2013

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