The Last Express remembered

Gamasutra posted a great interview with Mark Moran and Mark Netter about the making of The Last Express.

I’m writing this from London, where the Prince of Persia movie is shooting now. The Pinewood studios, originally built in the 1930’s, still feel very much of that era, at least to my L.A.-accustomed eyes. The contrast between the dilapidated physical infrastructure, and the state-of-the-art technology being used inside the stages, is striking.

Whereas the state-of-the-art technology we used to make The Last Express is now as quaint and dated as the 1914-era steam locomotives that were still in service when the Pinewood stages were built.

Pinewood is in an industrial park west of London. To get there, you take the A40 highway, which was originally a Roman road. It was already old in the sixth century, when Prince of Persia is set.

Jet lag makes me think about stuff like this.

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  1. 11-29-2008

    Hi Jordan,

    I love your work, especially Prince of Persia, including the original 2D versions.

    Related to The Last Express though, I am hard of hearing and most of the game does not subtitle the English dialog. I would greatly appreciate if you could share a script of all the dialog so hard of hearing players won’t be lost (as I am now) when playing The Last Express? It’s difficult to finish without hearing everything but I would love to one of these days.


    • 8-26-2011

      Great suggestion, Reid. How would you want the script indexed? How would you be able to find the page that corresponds to what you’re seeing on-screen? Even if Jordan can’t supply such a script, I would think there’d be some agency somewhere (for the hearing-impaired) that would be willing/able to get the job done somehow. It would be worth it, because Last Express is such a beautiful game, my favorite of them all.

  2. 12-1-2008

    Hi Jordan,

    A group from my school which included myself visited the pinewood studios on the 1st of december and got a tour of the surroundings. We were fortunate to meet you there and to see the brains behind it all.I hope that the film will be a great success for you and the production crew,all the best. We throughly enjoyed meeting you.

    From Adam Guinness, The Academy of Saint Francis of Assisi.

  3. 12-4-2008

    This game needs a re-release. Would that happen to be in the cards?

  4. 12-5-2008

    Heck this game needs a MOVIE made out of it. Or something! I wonder, do you still have the original film shoot of it?

  5. 12-8-2008

    Man I wish I could find a copy of The Last Express for OSX. A Scanner Darklys rotoscoping techniques really inspired my current digital drawing style, and I’d really like to go back to the source of their inspiration. It’s like how my love of Frazzetta led me to Bridgeman [or my fathers love of Eisner also led him to Bridgeman].

    Also, Mr. Mechner; when are you going to post your thoughts on Ubisoft’s new take on your character? I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but Its visual style has kept me very excited about it.

  6. 12-10-2008

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on your ventures.

  7. 1-22-2009

    Does anyone know what type of locomotive the steam engine is in the game?

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