Prince of Persia sketchbooks

Did these on set in Ouarzazate, added the sepia ink wash later when I got back to the hotel. 



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  1. 5-22-2009

    I can surprisingly read it without problems, cool :-)

  2. 5-22-2009

    OK, here’s a translation. Jeez!

    The Director’s Tent Invaded by Mongols on their Lunch Break

    Mike, Jake & Gemma are shooting with 2nd unit today while 1st unit has a rest day. But, a lot of 1st unit crew are here anyway.

    Extras waiting in the shade.

  3. 5-27-2009

    Hasn’t the filming of the PoP movie supposed to have been finished ages ago?

    Or are you just posting these sketches late?

    • 5-28-2009

      I’m posting them late. The shoot wrapped in December.

  4. 6-23-2009

    Hi Jordan,
    I am a very big fan of “Prince of Persia” since from my age of 12. I have played all the versions of “Prince of Persia” atleast 15 times. The way, I played the games, My friends used to call me as “NamasThePrince”. Thanks a lot for giving a life to prince of persia. The Concept art of “Sands of Time” is still in my memory and also the dialogues. Thank you once again Jordan. I am eagerly waiting for your(our) upcoming movie “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time”.

  5. 7-5-2009

    My goodness, hey wasup Mr Mechner my name is Obothlale (aka ob)…from South Africa. I wana say thank you very very much for your POP you have done an amazing job…truely a HUGE fan. I can’t wait to watch the movie =)…finished all the games..from the traps the wall climbing and solving of mysteries in the POP and its super gooood story line. You have inspired me and many other artists with you incredible imagination…keep it up Mr Mechner i hope I work with people like you one day…one day. =) peace

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