First POP movie poster comps

pop-teaser2 prince-of-persia-nazimprince-of-persia-tamina

(Updated with latest versions.)

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  1. 7-20-2009

    The images are cool and iconic, but what’s with the completely personality-less font? Seems entirely un-POP.

  2. 7-20-2009

    Am I reading too much into things when I notice the little snake designs on the Prince’s chestplate look like ye olde family sigil from Shadow & the Flame?

    Answer: probably.

  3. 7-20-2009

    Oooh… very nice. I’ll be seeing this for sure. :)

  4. 7-20-2009

    Really cool pics, and Jake Gyllenhall (sp) actually looks pretty good as the Prince.. I think that font (and composition of text) would be more suited to a modern corporate website however, it looks really out of place and is unfortunately the first thing that I noticed.

  5. 7-21-2009

    Based on the commentary on kotaku, people are guessing the font choices etc. are so that it doesn’t come out as a “video game movie”..

    Still, the blocky sans serif type does seem a bit out of place (too “modern”), and the walt disney logo sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Nice grayscale+red trickery though.

  6. 7-21-2009

    Love the tagline. Jake looks iconic. Shouldn’t one of those swords have a sand tank?

    “What the font!?” was my first reaction, though.

  7. 7-21-2009

    i’m still wondering why you chose to have the prince wear the armor from warrior within, and i still guess it’s because it simply looks better. i’m hoping for a teaser trailer soon, c’mon jordan, tease us a little more. maybe a little taste of the effects of the sands of time, not just the prince :D

  8. 7-23-2009

    Gyllenhaal does look pretty awesome. In that picture he has all the charisma of a young Omar Sharif.

    Kingsley looks a little bit like Peter Sellers in Blake Edwards’s “The Party” (1968), no?

    Great pictures, Jordan.

  9. 8-9-2009

    The font sucks. Totally out of place.

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