Prince of Persia panel at Comic-Con

comicconlogoI’ll be in San Diego next Friday for an 11:30 am Q&A panel about the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time graphic novel anthology I’m writing for Disney, with artists Todd McFarlane, Cameron Stewart, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Josh Middleton, and Niko Henrichon, many of whom will be on the panel as well. (Check the Comic-Con schedule for updated details.)

It’s been a very cool project and one I’ve had a lot of fun doing. The book is a prequel to the movie (I use the word “prequel” advisedly, for those who think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction), with each chapter drawn by a different artist in a different style. It’ll be published next April as part of the Prince of Persia movie pre-launch.

This is the second Prince of Persia graphic novel I’ve been involved with — the first, written by A.B. Sina and illustrated by LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland, was published last year by First Second Books — and they’re very different projects. Whereas the First Second book is deliberately separate from the games and movie — linked thematically, rather than through plot and characters — the Disney book is firmly in the universe of the movie. It offered a chance to establish, and expand on, the characters’ world and back stories beyond what’s in the film.

Most enjoyably, it’s given me an opportunity to revisit the story and characters of the original game for the first time in two decades — though in a way that’s kind of hard to explain, until you read the book.

Hope to see you next Friday, those of you who can make it!

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  1. 7-15-2009

    wow, this is awesome, i’m so glad to hear info about a second graphic novel, i’ve only been hearing rumors. i really wish i could go to comic-con to see the POP stuff, but i got school and no tickets to get in :( oh well, any info on a teaser trailer for the prince of persia movie?

  2. 7-16-2009

    I had no idea there would be a graphic novel for the film as well. The tie in to the original game sounds interesting. I don’t really know anything about new the universe and characters yet, so perhaps I missed some rumours, but I’ll enjoy it more if I don’t get any spoilers. :)

  3. 7-16-2009

    This is so cool!!! I am really happy to see another Prince of Persia Graphic Novel. I really enjoyed the first one! I really wish I could go to San Diego for Comic Con. I’ve never been to it. Best of luck with the new graphic novel. I am wondering if are you going to come to NYC in the near future to advertise the Prince of Persia Sands of Time Graphic?

  4. 7-17-2009

    I hope, that the movie as also the Graphic Novel will be splendid. However, I look forward to the movie.

  5. 7-19-2009

    Excellent. Can’t wait to read it- it will definately be a great way to prepare for the movie.

    • 7-20-2009

      i just saw the new prince posters, oh man they look beautiful. i’m a little confused as to why the prince is wearing the armor from warrior within, but i guess it’s because it looks better. nonetheless, the posters are amazing, tamina looks beautiful, the prince looks powerful, it’s just wonderful. =]

      • 7-30-2009

        Seemly on the armor you can see some snake designs that resemble the sigils on the ruin levels (that I believe that are Prince home? When I played the game I did not knew english, and I do not had time to play it over again) that are on the game PoP2 (not warrior within… in fact I disliked all PoP after Sands of Time, they are too much God of War + Tomb Raider than PoP…), also on PoP2 the sigil shows-up on a witch forehead…

        In my opinion the movies should follow the progression Sands of Time, PoP1, The Shadow and the Flame, and then finish (you know, PoP2 ended in a half-cliffhanger, and PoP3D well… :/)

  6. 7-20-2009

    Since I have a few days off before my vacation, I’ll pick up the first graphics novel. It should be a good read while relaxing. Can’t wait for the new one as well.

    As for ComicCon, I’d like to attend one someday.

  7. 7-22-2009

    What’s the release date for the graphic novel? It looks like the movie’s out in 2010 (summer)? I enjoyed reading the Star Trek prequels in iPhone format this spring/summer….. really cool formatting for that platform.

  8. 7-22-2010

    i can’t wait to see what secret games Capcom are going to annouce today at comic con

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