Video games vs. movies

This sound bite jumped out at me from Wil Wheaton’s blog (can sound bites jump?)

Narrative video games aren’t going to replace television and movies any more than television and movies replaced books, but as technology continues to advance, and games become even more cinematic and interactive, the battle won’t be only for the consumer; it will also be for the creator. People who went to school 20 years ago to learn how to make movies are now going to school to learn how to use the same narrative storytelling techniques to make video games.

20 years ago, I was trying to get away from making Prince of Persia (video game) so I could go to film school to learn how to make movies. Guess I did everything backwards as usual.

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  1. 1-26-2010

    Not sure if you mean “backwards” as in wrong or more of an observation that your path to where you are today is flipped compared to those Wil refers to. If it’s the former, I think you were and still are way ahead of much of the industry. I think your love of film and first hand knowledge of games has given you a unique edge. I look forward to which ever path you take next now that you’ve done film, video games and comics.

  2. 2-28-2010

    Mr mechner..i just wanna thank you for create the prince of persia..for me its s an excellent game the first trilogy ( i mean prince 1, the shadow and the flame and 3-D) and the second too (sands of time, warrior within and the two thrones) and now the new one that its a bit strange with the pirnce animated..but its good for me too.i know that you only work in the first 4.. i wanna thank you too beacuse Prince was one of the first game i played..the first ine i plated was the shadow ans the flame..and its still being for me an excellent thats it. thnak you and i wish you good luck

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