Prince of Persia final poster

…And here’s the final US movie poster.

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  1. 3-12-2010

    After seeing the awesome Russian version…this really pales in comparison. Did Disney run out of budget to design (or buy) new fonts?

  2. 3-12-2010

    Wow – Super amazing. The solitary of just JG was really powerful in the first image, but all the high-powered photoshop layers are so amazing. Love the addition of the dagger – So awesome!

  3. 3-12-2010

    Looks great, shame they didn’t fix that font though.

  4. 3-13-2010

    thanks for this poster,please keep sending posters and wallpapers related to this game,i love this game.Waiting for the movie “Prince of Persia- sands of time” and the game “Prince of Persia -the forgotten sands”.

    All the best to “prince of Persia team”.

  5. 3-14-2010

    So what does the real hand look like? I’d like to see the source images and know what exactly was done.

  6. 3-17-2010

    Google “Prince of Persia movie” and you should find a copy of the original in no time.

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