The sandstorm begins

My second/first graphic novel, Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm, is now out in stores and on Amazon, in paperback and hardcover.

It’s a stand-alone, book-length prequel to the upcoming movie, written by me and illustrated by six terrific artists — Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tom Fowler, Niko Henrichon, David Lopez, and Cameron Stewart, plus a cover by Todd McFarlane — and if you’re wondering why one story has six different illustrators, well, that was part of the challenge and fun of writing it.

Kotaku has a nice review (one that also includes the great news that the next volume in the Dungeon series, by two of my favorite French comics creators, Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar, is now available in English).

I’ll post more later about writing the book, and how it relates to the movie and the original 1989 side-scrolling video game. In the meantime, I hope Prince of Persia fans and graphic novel aficionados will check it out.

The next six weeks will also include the release of my first/second book Solomon’s Thieves (written first, published second, from First Second) on May 11, and my first movie, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, on May 28. So this really is the beginning of the sandstorm.

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  1. 4-18-2010

    That’s really cool!!! Congratulations on everything. :) I’ll definitely make sure all these out. :)


  2. 4-18-2010

    c’est génial. Ton site, ton bouquin. C’est trop beau.

  3. 4-18-2010

    Picked this up yesterday from my LCS. Can’t wait t get into it!

  4. 4-18-2010

    Sweet to see McFarlane doing some art.

  5. 4-19-2010

    Oh boy, I just got a copy for 7 bucks. 7 BUCKS! I can’t wait to read it it 83

  6. 4-19-2010

    Congrats on all this great stuff!

  7. 4-22-2010

    Just got my copy today. A fun read! Makes me looking forward to see the movie.

  8. 4-22-2010

    OMG!the graphic looks awesome!and sure the story written by you,is above everything else!I really can’t wait to read it!!

  9. 5-3-2010

    Just got the copy! the story just great and wonderful, looking forward for the movie! Thanks for your work Mr. Mechner

  10. 5-8-2010

    Took a while to track down a copy in my local area. I have to say the storytelling is excellent. Everything feels like it belongs in the 1001 Nights.

  11. 5-25-2010

    Hi Jordan,

    As a Persian, I’ve always enjoyed the various incarnations of the Prince of Persia concept (from the original game to the new graphic novels, and of course now the movie).

    There are a lot of really talented illustrators/comic artists in Iran who produce a lot of great work, full of authentic Persian references.

    I maintain a blog in which I try to introduce some of these artists to the western world :
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the art posted there. Who knows, you might even want to collaborate with a few true ‘Persians’ in the future.


  12. 12-15-2010

    Hello there,

    First of all, I’d like to thank you very much. I remember the first game I’ve ever beaten : the original Prince of Persia, on my dad’s old PC, circa 1990 or maybe 1991, when I was 6. Today I have no idea on how I managed to do it, but I definitively got to try it again someday. I still remember the game clearly, and how much I used to die playing it. I didn’t had any home consoles, only the PC, and it was hard to get games around here, and many didn’t had the same effect the original PoP had on me: it was ‘pretty’, got this beautiful character running around in this dark scary dungeon and so on. I was mesmerized and had much fun playing it over and over until I defeated the ‘bad guy’ and saw the character running to the princess. I’m Brazilian, and I was learning how to write by then and I couldn’t even understand English, but you managed to have this full story without words, it was somewhat universal.

    Then I heard about this comic book as a prequel of the movie (which, by the way, I thought it was a good adaption of the Sands of Time ideas, even if restricted by the screentime) and did whatever I could to find it. I got to get only the first issue (I found the imported one at a used stuff sales at a subway. Yeah, that random) and started to read it. Then I first saw the prisoner he was somewhat familiar, then after a while I understood who he was. It was a great idea, I really loved it. Thank you once again
    Maybe I’ll find the other issues in some other strange way, maybe I won’t. But in any case I’m now in eager to read them and I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth my quest

    Good luck on your next projects!

  13. 4-12-2012

    First of all, I love your work on Prince of Persia since my childhood…

    I am 22 years old now and I remember when I was child I used to hold a stick pretending that the the stick was my sword and I was the Prince. Prince of Persia 1 and 2 were part of my childhood and I must thank you for that! =)

    Now I have a question:
    Do you know if there is any chance this graphic novel be translate to Brazilian Portuguese?

    I bought the other graphic novel last Monday. I got so thrilled that I almost cry, but boys don’t cry, so instead cry I read a second time =)

    When a finish to read for the second time I was wondering if Before the Sandstorm and Solomon Thieves would be publish here in Brazil.

    Thank you.

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