Pinewood set sketchbook

Being in London for the Prince of Persia movie press junket, I thought this would be an appropriate occasion to post these sketchbook pages from when we were shooting here 18 months ago.

As the caps and parkas suggest, it gets cold on the Pinewood sound stages in December. The sets are such accurate reproductions of the Morocco locations where we were filming a few months earlier, you’d never guess from the finished film that there’s an 80 degree Fahrenheit temperature difference between certain shots.

Above: That’s director Mike Newell at bottom right, presiding over the action via dual monitors. Going counter-clockwise from Mike, there’s Jake doing the scene, script supervisor Beverley Winston, and my hotel dining room.¬†At bottom left, Sir Ben Kingsley waits between takes with his double.

On the left-hand page, Jake and Sir Ben rehearsing with Mike Newell while second A.D. Rich Goodwin looks on. At upper right, Mike and Beverley watching the take, with Mike half out of his director chair like a bowler using body English to help guide the ball down the lane. Bottom right, cinematographer John Seale.

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  1. 5-7-2010

    Wow, these are so cool. Lots of story telling and interaction! :] Wonder what that guy with the wacom was working on. Looks like the Cinematographer had his hands full with that awesome looking contraption. These are really fun, keep it up! :]

  2. 5-7-2010

    Still really cool seeing behind the scenes stuff this way.
    I’m checking it all again after I’ve seen the film to see where it belongs.

  3. 1-25-2011

    Wow this is great!

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