GDC 2011: The wheel turns

Nearly everyone I spoke to at GDC 2011 in San Francisco agreed that it was one of the most energizing GDCs of recent years.

I loved the “Classic Game Post-Mortems,” a series of one-hour talks in which game designers spoke about the making of their early games: Eric Chahi on Another World (aka Out of This World), Peter Molyneux on Populous, John Romero and Tom Hall on Doom, Mark Cerny on Marble Madness, Toru Iwatani on Pac-Man were fascinating, inspiring, and touching to hear. (I gave a talk about making Prince of Persia, and really appreciated the generous response.)

But what really grabbed me was the energy and excitement surrounding indie games, especially on new platforms like mobile phones, iOS, Facebook, XBLA and PSN. More than in any previous year, I was reminded of the Apple II zeitgeist of the early eighties. It feels like we’ve come full circle, as an industry, to that time when a tiny team with few resources but talent, creativity and elbow grease has the potential to produce the next hugely influential mega-hit.

And I’m pretty sure I just met some of them in San Francisco.

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  1. 3-16-2011

    Hi Jordan, some great names on that list, yours included, I hope some of those vids will make their way on to the public interwebs.

    A name I’d love to see but is consistently missing is that of Paradroid developer Andrew Braybrook. Wikipedia reports him working in a city job, but I’d love to see him tempted out of game dev retirement.

    You’ve done a lot over the years, is there someone you’d love to see do one of these talks? or a game you’d love to know about the development of?

  2. 8-18-2011

    Those GDC recordings were awesome, including yours. Can you please do one for Karateka for the next one? :D

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