Real-Life Prince of Persia

This video by comedy group Karahat is so classic, I just had to repost it. Thanks to Kotaku and many kind people on twitter for alerting me to its existence.

The prince’s foray into real life may not do for parkour what the Real Life Angry Birds commercial did for T-Mobile, but at least he’s out there trying.

I didn’t even realize this video’s true genius until I saw it a second time — so thoroughly has the modern iPhone era of cheap-and-easy digital compositing effects reshaped my expectations. As far as I can tell, its central special effect was created using a technology that was equally available in 1985.

A special booster potion to the first reader who calls it out.

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  1. 2-23-2012

    What, rubber bands and poster board?

    • 2-23-2012


      • 3-30-2012

        Hah! I was thinking they had used a digital overlay card for the opening credits (something I used as a kid on my Apple IIGS). I never thought to consider something so “old school” as a special effect. The times have indeed changed.

    • 2-23-2012

      Haa! I saw it two times trying to catch what was it: sometimes green/blue screen? sometimes face-tracking to put a pixelated face? timeline retiming?… “a magazine is a broken touch-tablet syndrome”.

  2. 2-26-2012

    Would you mind explaining the humor in this? Am I just really dense? I’ve played almost all of the Prince of Persia games…

  3. 5-12-2012

    The game has come full circle. From it’s start using video to create the character to someone using the character to create a video. Funny video.

  4. 2-26-2013

    The most important special effects used for this video are imagination and creativity.

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