Announcing Last Express for iOS

Update: The Last Express will be released for iOS on September 27, 2012.

I’ve been biting my virtual tongue for the past few months in my eagerness to respond to the many fans of The Last Express who’ve suggested how beautifully this 1997 adventure game could work as an iPad/iPhone app.

Ilya, Veronika, Jan, Jáchym, Sebastian, Felipe, Robert, Will, Stefano, Chiara, Felix, Alexander, Arnim, Jennifer, Lydia, Lauren, Ravi: You’re absolutely right.

It’s with enormous pleasure that I can finally share this good news: A young French company, DotEmu (who celebrated their fifth anniversary in Paris last night — making them ten years younger than the game) is developing a full iOS version of Last Express, to be released later this year.

Details to follow — but be assured, this will be the complete, original PC game, a deep and immersive real-time interactive narrative offering 20+ hours of game play, with a few additional enhancements to make it more iOS-friendly.

For those who are new to The Last Express, you can read about the original game here. Watch this space, and the official Last Express facebook page, for updates.

My thanks to DotEmu, the original Smoking Car team, and all the Last Express fans who’ve encouraged us to refill the coal tender and stoke the furnace so that this train can leave the station once again, fifteen years later.

I can’t wait!

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  1. 3-16-2012

    I take it an Android version is too much to hope for?

  2. 3-16-2012

    Oh this is absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait for its release.

    • 5-23-2013

      Me too

  3. 3-16-2012

    This is GREAT news! I couldn’t play The Last Express on my ‘old’ PowerMac 7100 80Mhz Mac in 1997 because it didn’t meet the game’s lowest system requirement of 100Mhz+ and 4x speed CD-ROM drive. Would love to play this on iOS!

  4. 3-16-2012

    Fabulous news! Any chance we’ll ever see a version that’ll run on my macbook?

  5. 3-16-2012

    I would also like to voice my hope for an Android version.

  6. 3-16-2012

    Great news!

  7. 3-16-2012

    From the moment I installed Myst and saw the trailer for The Last Express, I’ve wanted this game. I asked for it for Christmas but by then it was out of print. I waited for years – years – until I finally found it online. I’ve preached is virtues to my friends ever eidce and have shown it to anyone who’d listen.

    So yes. Please make an android version when you can… making it for iOS but not android would be like making it for PC and not Mac.. oh wait, I think that’s what you guys did in 97.. ;-)

    • 3-16-2012

      @Christopher – We did make a Mac version in ’97! It still runs fine… in the Classic environment :)

  8. 3-16-2012

    Mr. Mechner,

    Will the iOS version be updated with subtitle options? You see, this is literally the only reason I didn’t buy this game way back when, and I see no compelling reason why a dialogue-heavy, plot-driven game shouldn’t include such an important concession to hearing-impaired gamers such as myself. I mean, this is the sole reason why I didn’t buy your game back in the late 90s, and I would happily buy it on iOS if it does have subs!

    In any case, cheers and (hopefully) anticipating the re-release of such a critically acclaimed classic that I hope I get to play this time!

    • 3-16-2012

      If that could be done, many fans would appreciate it, I am sure. Some of my friends would be grateful, really. It took me quite a long time (in fact, many years; in 1997 my English was not very good, I was 13) to fully understand Alexei Dolnikov and August Schmidt. These two were tough with their heavy accents. George Abbot was just crazy :-)

  9. 3-16-2012

    HUGE NEWS!!!
    I remember suggesting this like 2 years ago and now my wildest dream is happening!!!
    I’m celebrating now contemplating my original copy, still in mint condition.

  10. 3-16-2012

    Great! I am so looking forward to playing this and sharing it with my children- they still can’t imagine me doing voices on video games…it was a long time ago.

    • 5-23-2013

      Wow u were a voice person??!! :0:0:0:0:00:0:0:

  11. 3-16-2012

    Fantastic! I look forward to playing it again, I struggle to think of another game whose narrative compares favourably with the Last Express’s maturity, attention to detail and sense of place. I actually gave a short presentation on this game a couple weeks ago! :)

  12. 3-16-2012

    Awesome! I’m a big fan of Prince of Persia and wont let this chance to play The Last Express for the first time slip by. Definitely excited!

  13. 3-16-2012

    This is great news. Just in case you didn’t know, pop classic, too, is available on iOS as of Feb 29, 2012:
    I think the only thing left to do now is to release pop classic for pc.

  14. 3-17-2012

    Android users hold their breath as well…

  15. 3-18-2012

    Truly great great news! When I saw PoP on iOS, the first thing that came in mind was “wouldn’t it be amazing if The Last Express could be imported too!”

    No words can decribe how excited I’ve become!

  16. 3-19-2012

    What else to wish for this 15th anniversary?
    Well, there would be few more things… Some high res photos from the game, so I could make myself a very cool T-shirt. Later there could be The Making of The Last Express Journals, which I’d love to buy (reading PoP Journals was great!), also book of sketches, storyboards and photos from the production of TLE would be very nice… OK, that would be more than enough, I know.
    And pretty please, share some more of Donald Grahame’s 3D Orient Express masteripieces. Every single one is fascinating!
    Thank you for everything!

    • 5-23-2013

      Ohh… Nice idea

  17. 3-19-2012

    Wonderful news. Out of curiosity, Will their be improvements with sound or graphics? Perhaps increasing the game’s resolution and make it fit for wider screens?

    • 5-23-2013

      I was wondering that too…

      • 5-23-2013

        Same here

  18. 3-24-2012

    Wow,great! I am really looking forward to its release for my iphone. I played it back then on my pc and still have the original game. There is nothing like this great game for iphone so far. I am very excited! ;)

  19. 3-30-2012

    The picture in your post looks similar to a scene in the latest Shelock Holmes Movie

    • 3-30-2012

      Although I have not seen the last SH movie (and I do not intend to, but I love BBC Sherlock series), I must say – when I first saw this picture in 1997, before I payed the game, I had a feeling (probably from the way Alexei looks at you) there is some connection between him and Anna. [There is none, in fact.] Quite confusing, but great still.

      • 5-23-2013

        Noticed that too…

      • 5-23-2013

        Ikr( I know right ) Same.

  20. 3-30-2012

    the best game I have ever played. I miss such a rich game. Jordan, do you have any idea for a game like this?

  21. 4-6-2012

    Excellent news! Well met!

  22. 4-18-2012

    Another request for Android. Loved LE- without a doubt one of the most underrated games of all time.

  23. 4-19-2012

    I’m glad it’s coming to iPad, it’s also good to see it’s been updated to work with newer computers and is being sold on sites such as
    I just think it’s a pity that it has only been updated on Windows, I wish it was updated for OS X as well and sold on the Mac App Store like The 7th Guest is.

    • 4-26-2012

      +1 agree

  24. 4-26-2012

    Is this out on iPad yet?!!!!! (and re-release on the Mac store?)

  25. 4-27-2012

    Couldn’t be happier for this news about The Last Express! Still my favourite game (sigh). If you want to feel even more proud about your work, dear Jordan, search the website and look for a mod called chiara…look at her avatar. Haven’t changed it in years and will go on like this.

  26. 5-24-2012

    Anything new about the progress it is making? I am toooooo curious!

  27. 5-28-2012

    The Last Express is a great Adeventure game and a very good story!!!
    I Want play en Ipad :D

  28. 6-11-2012

    My favorite game of all time – can’t wait!!!

  29. 6-30-2012

    @Veronica You didn’t add ‘sequel’ to your ‘what more could we wish for!’ list :)

    • 9-25-2012

      You’re right :) But that seems to be too much to ask for… Maybe for the 20th anniversary?

  30. 7-1-2012

    Any update on a release date? Don’t know how much longer I can wait for this. Best game I ever played.

  31. 7-25-2012

    This is such exciting news!!! A great idea – hopefully The Last Express finally gets the coverage and recognition it deserves! And I’m sure I’m not alone, Jordan, when I say I would absolutely love to see a sequel. So much potential!

  32. 8-7-2012

    Yes! Thank you Jordan for this amazing announcement!

    Just yesterday I was considering installing a Windows partition on my Mac just so I can replay TLE (which I haven’t played in about two years, since I ditched PC), but now I don’t have to!

    Hopefully this release will bring the game to a larger audience than the limited 1997 & 2000 releases ever could.

    Best part of this news? Now we can take this game on the go and play it on an actual train! :D

    • 9-3-2012

      I was just playtesting TLE on iPad and for sure, with headphones on an actual train is my favorite way to play it. Second best: a transatlantic plane flight!

  33. 9-13-2012

    Really disappointed that it’s not coming out on Android :-(

  34. 9-15-2012

    What I really would like to see is a sequel. Any plans?

  35. 9-22-2012

    Any Release Date Set?

  36. 9-24-2012

    We have a release date: September 27, 2012… Just three days from now!

  37. 9-24-2012

    Great news, I am counting the days!

  38. 10-2-2012

    Is there any chance it will come for Android? It’s the best game I’ve ever played. It’s the geatest detective-adventure story I’ve ever read/seen or played.

  39. 10-31-2012

    I have it for PC, but like many other commenters I would love to see it released for Android, I search for it on Google play every now and then in futile optimism and I would be happy for another opportunity to throw money at this game.

  40. 5-23-2013

    Will there ever be a movie? I played this game like a million times!

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