The Last Express Arrives on iOS

Update: The Last Express has just been released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! Check it out in the App store.

I tested the final version yesterday on a long transatlantic flight (Frankfurt-LAX, with headphones), and it’s my new favorite way to play it. Next to playing on an actual train, that is.

Here’s the trailer:

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  1. 9-25-2012

    I’ve commented this great news on facebook, but I have to write it here: really sweet, even though I can still play TLE on PC, I am tempted to buy iPad just for this occasion – to try new controls, see all the changes etc. But please – even though you are big Apple fan – say Yes to Android version. It seems many people would love to buy it for Android phones and tablets. Thanks for everything!

    • 9-26-2012

      Thanks, Veronika! The developer’s been focused on building a great game for iOS, so Android hasn’t been the first priority, but we certainly wouldn’t rule out additional platforms in the future.

      • 9-29-2012

        May I (politely) second the request for TLE on Android? I understand that porting to such a flexible platform might be quite a daunting undertaking, but I suspect that it would at least pay for itself, and best of all, further energize the fandom. With enough demand, fans will pay great sums to return to that world (perhaps even the unmade prequel!). :-) Tim Schafer has led the way, Jordan…

      • 10-22-2012

        please put it to Android Market!

  2. 9-26-2012

    That is really great news. I’ve been using iOS to replay some of my most cherished adventure titles, e.g. the Broken Sword games. It’s great that the Last Express will be available. Do you know whether it will also run on iPod touch devices? And will it be available in all regions’ app catalogues?

    • 9-26-2012

      Yes, it will run on iPod Touch 3rd gen and up (iPhone 3GS+ and iPad1+) and 100% worldwide without restriction.

      Note that due to a glitch, the current build doesn’t run on iPhone 5. Should be fixed with an update for iPhone 5 owners later this week.

  3. 9-26-2012
    • 9-26-2012

      Ha, you guys got it first! Here in California, it’s still yesterday.

      • 9-26-2012

        On my iPhone it says last updated date – 23 Sep 2012, while on iTunes it says 27 Sep 2012.

        Is it optimised for iPhone 5 screen size?

  4. 9-26-2012

    Super excited to try it out tomorrow on my iPod touch! And now I’m even more tempted to get an iPad too!

    Jordan, was there any additional restoration done? Like resolution, or cutscenes?

  5. 9-27-2012

    Wonderfull The Last Express in i-phone and i-pad, a great. I Love this game. :D

  6. 10-17-2012

    I love playing Broken Sword on my Android phone, would love even more to re-play Last Express. :-) (I’m not getting an apple product though, sorry.)

  7. 10-18-2012

    The game looks fabulous. Take a look at my blogsite where you’ll follow “The Orient-Express” from the Gare de l’Est in Paris to the Austrian frontier on the 28th of June in 1914 – the date of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo. The collection is for sale, including an extensive library and everything displayed on the walls of the museum. The bidding starts at $250,000. Going, going …

    Relive history. Play “the game” in real time with the most exquisitely made models and miniature people in the world.

    • 10-18-2012

      That’s impressive and very interesting! Thank you!

  8. 10-27-2012

    I love adventure games. TLE is one of the best ever. I am 30 years old and I still play Broken Sword on my phone. I would very much appreciate an Android version of The Last Express. Please!!!

  9. 10-28-2012

    Hi! Now I’m waiting for Karateka and Prince of Persia 2 on iPhone. Maybe remake Prince of Persia 3D for PC?


  10. 11-5-2012

    maybe an idea to publish this game on steam through steam greenlight? I would definitely vote for it, just announce it here :) (and on G+)

  11. 11-6-2012

    Finished TLE again. This time on the iPad. And as stated in my AppStore review, this is the best adventure game ever. TLE just waited for this adaption for touch screen devices. It’s much more intense this way.

    But now I sit here and ask myself what’s next? The story wants to be continued. What about the manuscript in Jerusalem? What about his ring? What about Anna? Many questions….and a sequel?

    I see you do kick starter projects…maybe that’s a possibility? Only 15 reviews in the AppStore aren’t that many. Hard to tell if people are interested in those games nowadays. But how about giving it a try?

    • 11-6-2012

      People ARE interested… I am sure. I don’t know about total number of reviews at the AppStore, ratings are solid and TLE App Rank Graphics ( shows TLE is doing ok, considered there are so many games available. Of course TLE is not smash hit, it is in no way mainstream title and is far more clever than any other game out there, imho. Hope it receives few more rave review, which were so far generally great (or at least good).
      As for Kickstarter, I would back up prequel or sequel of TLE without any hesitating and I know about quite a lot fans that would do the same. I hope and wish it is going to happen one day.

      • 11-8-2012

        I didn’t know about those statistics. But you are right. It performs well. Hopefully well enough to convince Jordan of doing a se- or prequel. I would love to back it up.

  12. 11-7-2012

    Hello, I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I’ve played it twice again already between my iPad and iPhone. The iPhone gameplay I was worried for, considering limited screen real estate, but the implemented solution is wonderful. And it really made a recent 4 hours flight zoom by, with enough gameplay to spare for later.

    Your games are always of the highest caliber, and I hope that one day you will be able to release (or at least direct/inspire others to release) more games like this. New material delights.

  13. 10-8-2013

    Recently, there’s been some press into the subject of what exactly makes for a video game. Modern games include voice acting, full-motion video, motion capture, the same computer-graphics imagery as seen in the cinemas. etc. A few years ago, there was assertion by Ebert whether a “game” can be considered “art”, since (by his definition) art requires a high degree of direction from the creators. As a highly-regarded author of games such as the LAST EXPRESS, we’d love to hear your perspective on what makes a game a “game”… and what makes for great art.

    And thanks again for all that you do!

  14. 5-5-2014

    I’ve played this game on Steam, and it’s incredible. Thanks for making yet another great game, Mr. Mechner.

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