Karateka in the App Store

I’m happy to announce that for the first time since 1984, Karateka is once again available for state-of-the-art Apple devices. You can download it for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in the App Store. (Karateka requires iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, or 5th generation iPod Touch.)

And if you don’t have an iOS device, the new remake is also out on Sony Playstation, Xbox 360, and PC. Don’t forget to punch the hawk!

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  1. 12-20-2012

    Original Karateka: $34.95
    New Karateka: $2.99
    Getting a tech support call because a user put the disk in upside-down: Priceless

    /former Brøderbunder

    • 12-20-2012

      I hope you resolved their issue so that they hung up thinking ALL software would run upside down if so inserted, and still believe that to this day.

      • 12-21-2012

        “just turn the drive upside-down!”
        such an easy solution ;D

  2. 12-20-2012

    Do we get an original retro version release? :)

  3. 12-21-2012

    Any plans for a Mac version? I’d love to play on my laptop.

  4. 12-23-2012

    Nice game. Very buggy on my iPhone 4s though. I cannot find a support address on the homepage so I ask here.

  5. 12-23-2012

    Hello, here’s feedback for Karateka on iOS. I like the game mechanic and the art style, and it does remind me of the original, conceptually. It’s a bit buggy, as I’ve had a couple of spots where I’ve had to force the game closed to resume the adventure, otherwise the character would just be stuck upright, sometimes allowing bowing but not much else.

    I’ve finished it with the Monk and I do want to play it again to finish it with the True Love, but I think I’ll do it on the Steam version I have also purchased, the iOS one is kind of a bit on the elementary side and I’d enjoy a tougher challenge.

    Thank you for making this and publishing it, very much appreciated.

  6. 12-23-2012

    Thanks for the feedback. There is indeed a bug in the iOS version that occasionally causes the player to get stuck bowing. Sorry about that; it will be fixed in an update, along with a few other minor and/or occasional known bugs. Meanwhile, restarting the app should bypass the problem. Our apologies.

    Note: Karateka requires iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, or 5th generation iPod Touch. The App Store listing mistakenly lists older devices as well which Karateka does not support. Our apologies for that as well.

    • 2-3-2013

      Just FYI on iOS the Chi button will get click while I am in the middle of a battle even though I did not click it. Also, I block successful (I see the blue glow all three times) but I still get hit. It’s like there should have been a fourth block. Other than that, love the game!!

  7. 12-30-2012

    As I seem to recall the IIc version used to get stuck bowing at times as well. Nearly 30 years and still having the same issues – come on guys :)

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