Chavez Ravine

Jordan’s award-winning 2003 short documentary tells the bittersweet story of how a Mexican-American neighborhood in Los Angeles was destroyed to build Dodger Stadium — a community betrayed by greed, political hypocrisy, and good intentions gone astray.

Chavez Ravine on Netflix

Update: A remastered, non-bleeped version of my 2003 short documentary Chavez Ravine is now available on Netflix streaming.

You can read more about the film here.

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Chavez Ravine now on Amazon

Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story – a short documentary I wrote and directed in 2003 about the Mexican-American village in the heart of L.A. that got replaced by Dodger Stadium — is finally available on DVD from at the reasonably consumer-friendly price point of $12.95.

For educational and institutional buyers, the DVD can still be purchased directly from Bullfrog Films at the original price of $195.00, if you feel that is more appropriate to your situation.

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