March 20, 1989

I called up Avril Harrison, highly recommended graphic artist, to ask if she could do a title screen for POP. She’ll come by tomorrow morning to see the game and show me her samples. She charges $30 an hour.

Last night I went to Tower Records and bought a bunch of the stuff George’s friend Erik recommended – Lloyd Cole, Grace Jones, Tom Waits. Blew $100 in thirty minutes.

Avril Harrison is a bargain.

Started working on the title and demo sequence for POP… double hi-res unpack routines… according to schedule. I’m a little nervous to be forging ahead like this, considering the millions of bugs I’m leaving behind (for now), but if I don’t plunge into it, it’ll never get done.

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  1. 4-1-2012

    I hope it was TOM WAITS “RAIN DOGS”. Classic.

    1985, I believe, so wouldn’t been out already for a while. Still gold.

    Perhaps SWORD FISH TROMBONE by that point in time. :)

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