March 21, 1989

Hired the lovely and talented Avril Harrison to do a IIGS title screen for POP. She’s Scottish. And married.

The title and demo sequence is taking shape. It’s a lot of logistical hassles with disk access and memory management. Robert lent me his double hi-res unpack routines. Another few days and all the major pieces will be in place.

I’m obsessed with this Tom Waits album (Big Time).

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  1. 1-16-2009

    Glad to hear about you being Tom Waits´ fan. I personally have warm feelings for his Rain Dogs. Still got gramophone record at home. Great album…

  2. 1-31-2009

    Avril Harrison, who also worked at LucasArts, and the lady from which the close-up picture of Elaine from Monkey Island 1 is supposedly based:

  3. 4-1-2012

    I agree Veronika! Rain Dogs is a real classic.


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