June 4, 1989

It’s my birthday. I’m 25 years old.

Put in the potion-drinking animation. It looks really good but takes up more memory than I’d expected, which is a problem.


Sometimes I feel like I must be no fun at all. Bored and boring. Burnt out and empty inside. Not depressed – just tired.

Maybe I’m just working too hard.

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  1. 4-23-2009

    I played POP first of all when the first time I was in computer academy.

    I bought my computer only for POP. though I had to do a lot I raised my mony safe in a pot. and After exact 5 years I bought my computer Indel P1 166MHZ with 64MB and 3GB (more than enough for POP 1.

    Now when I have played the 3 of the series, POP1, 2 and 3D and mobile version of the Sands of Time,
    I still find my self thirsty for POP1 like taste…

    Please can you tell me how you had done that?
    as you may have imagened about me.
    I could not contineu my studies due to financial problems…
    But I love computing. Coding is my life… a dream time dream….

  2. 2-7-2010

    I feel the same as Muhammad. I still miss that POP feeling, of dying to get back home so I could play although the game did my head in! I’ll never forget getting stuck on Level 3 where it was necessary to take a leap off the edge of the screen to find another platform – I was stuck there for ages.

    The thing about today’s games is that, even if one tries not to use them, it is so hard to resist using solutions. In my POP days I didn’t have internet access and just had to stick with games until I solved them and therein lay the satisfaction, of course.

    No game ever has recreated that Prince of Persia feeling for me, nor ever will.

  3. 5-27-2010

    I feel the same now…. I’m tired too because i have my first job…. I’m working ten days ago… but it’s ok, i just wanna listen some rock and roll music and play Prince like the old times, i meet prince of persia in 1991 in a orange screen, a total hit in Colombia… my first video game on my life and I was only 3 years old… ¡¡¡Thanks Jordan Mechner!!!! Now I’m a programmer because the orange screen memento stayed in my mind forever.

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