July 11, 1989

Put in the shadowman merging, which looks pretty cool. I think I’ve cracked the design of that level, finally, after two days (hell, three months) of struggling and feeling dissatisfied. Tomorrow I’ll work out the details.

Lance said: “I’ll do it! Quit worryin’!”

Prince of Persia Gameplay Demo 1989 from jordan mechner on Vimeo.

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  1. 3-24-2009

    I love the movies which show us the progress of Prince of Persia. The game is almost done here, isn’t it?

    P.S.: Guess how long it takes before I figured out how to beat this guy. Or actually, PASS this guy. Climbing the tower again and again. It was gruelling. But the moment I finally got it, the whole game seems to be perfect and logical, like: “Of course, what a great solution for merging the Prince and his Shadow together”. Great level design. It was addictive.

  2. 11-4-2009

    This was definitely (initially frustrating, but) a highly rewarding part of the game. Very well done Jordan.

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