July 26, 1989

Left a stack of disks three inches high on my desk for Brian. Eleven for sales, three for QA, plus seven more. Hope they work.

I played the whole game straight through for the first time ever, start to finish, cheat keys turned off. Made it with seconds to spare (my hour ran out while I was fighting the Grand Vizier).

You know what? It was fun!

There’s a level of tension generated when you know you can’t cheat, which is completely absent from the normal playtesting I do. By the time that final battle rolled around, I had a solid hour invested, and damned if I was going to lose!

Prince of Persia Final Battle from jordan mechner on Vimeo.

Still a few bugs – two weeks of work, like I said – but it’s a game, and a damn good one. I’m content. I’m ready to go river rafting.

The package mechanical looks good. I asked Brian to tell them to make my name bigger.

Should I bring this notebook on the river trip? It might be good to have. Other people bring cameras. So why not bring the book?

Then again, this is a vacation. This journal is like a tether. It keeps bringing me back to myself. And letting other people see me writing in it, I’ve come to feel, is kind of rude. It shuts them out. It undermines the bonding process that’s part of the reason to go on a trip like this one.

I’ll leave the notebook home. Instead, I’ll just pay attention.

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  1. 4-3-2009

    Does this mean two more weeks of no new entries? Does Jordan survive the river trip?

    Does his product remain intact after two weeks of office shenanigans while he is away?

    I played on the PC. I never played the Apple or Mac versions. Nice work. Now my daugter and I take turns abusing the prince on the xbox. Excellent job on the prince’s name. I look forward to seeing the movie.

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