Drawing from life

This life drawing workshop was a cool way to spend a Monday evening. I got a lot of inspiration seeing the other artists work. Some of them were really good.

I did this page during the breaks and actually like it better than my drawings of the model. It’s more interesting¬†to draw people who are doing something, than a model who’s holding completely still.

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Sometimes I add sepia ink wash to my sketches afterward. I’m always nervous that I’ll ruin a perfectly good line drawing, but it’s amazing what a difference even a touch of color can make.

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Down the rabbit hole

One of my most hopeful daydreams as a kid was to discover a secret compartment in our house, perhaps in a wall or under the floorboards, containing a cache of old papers that would set me on the trail of a long-hidden secret. (Since the house was built in 1970 and we were the first occupants, this was about as likely as finding a dinosaur fossil in one of the metamorphic rocks in the woods around our house; but it took me a long time to give up on that search, too.)

A few months ago, my friend Barry Isaacson actually did find a cache of old papers hidden in a secret compartment in his house. The real-life horror story they revealed is enough to give any child, or parent, nightmares.

Here’s Barry’s story as he wrote it for the LA Weekly.

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Union Square

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Really old journals

My college classmate Alex Epstein¬†tipped me off that someone has been posting Samuel Pepys’ diary, 343 years later to the day. So my old journals aren’t so old.

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