Adam Derman
High school friend.

Anne Dollard
Agent at Leading Artists whose clients included a pre-Sex, Lies and Videotape Steven Soderbergh. She was killed in a horseback riding accident in 1989.

Ann Kronen
Broderbund executive.

Bill Holt
Broderbund employee. I’m not sure of his exact title, but his job involved travel and outreach.

Bill McDonagh
CFO of Broderbund.

Brian Eheler
One of Broderbund’s first employees, Brian was the product manager on all my Broderbund games from Prince of Persia until The Last Express, when he left Broderbund.

Cathryn Mataga
Born William Mataga. Programmer of Broderbund games including Mindwheel and Essex.

Chris Jochumson
Broderbund in-house game programmer, author of The Arcade Machine.

Corey Kosak
Programmer of Print Shop GS and other Broderbund titles.

Danny Gorlin
Author of Broderbund’s 1982 hit game Choplifter. His next game, Airheart (aka Typhoon Thompson), was well received but less successful. He programmed the Amiga conversion of POP.

David Mechner
My younger brother. Go player, neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and original model for the rotoscoped animation in POP.

David Snider
Broderbund in-house game programmer, author of Serpentine and David’s Midnight Magic.

Doug Carlston
CEO and co-founder of Broderbund Software.

Doug Greene
Freelance programmer whom I tried to hire to do the first IBM PC conversion of Prince of Persia.

Doug Smith
Programmer of Broderbund’s early hit game Lode Runner.

Ed Badasov
Broderbund product manager first assigned to Prince of Persia.

Ed Bernstein
Director of PD (Product Development) at Broderbund.

Eric Deeds
Designer at Sensei Software.

Gary Carlston
Co-founder of Broderbund Software, with siblings Doug and Cathy.

Gary Cosay
Founding partner of Leading Artists Agency. Merged with Bauer-Benedek in 1991 to form UTA.

Gene Portwood
Broderbund in-house artist and creative consultant (with Lauren Elliot). Ex-Disney animator. Gene died in 2000. You can read about him here.

George Hickenlooper
College friend and filmmaker. From his childhood in St. Louis making Super 8 shorts with friend Kirk Wise (Beauty and the Beast), George went on to direct over a dozen features including Hearts of Darkness, The Big Brass Ring, and Factory Girl. I had cameo roles in some of them; George reciprocated with a cameo as the cook in The Last Express. George died in October 2010, just days before the premiere of his film Casino Jack and the election of his cousin John as governor of Colorado, for which he had been campaigning tirelessly.

Janice Kim
My brother’s girlfriend at the time. In 1987, at age 18, she became the world’s first non-Asian female professional go player.

Jeff Kleeman
College friend, later a film studio executive and producer. While at MGM/UA, Jeff relaunched the then-dormant James Bond franchise with Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye.

Jim Berkus
Founding partner of Leading Artists Agency. Merged with Bauer-Benedek in 1991 to form UTA.

Kyle Freeman
Programmer who moved from Broderbund to EA.

Lance Groody
Broderbund in-house programmer who did the IBM PC conversion of Prince of Persia, and supervised Prince of Persia 2.

Lauren Elliot
Broderbund in-house artist and creative consultant (with Gene Portwood).

Loring Vogel
Programmer at Sensei Software.

Mike Coffey
Programmer at Sensei Software.

Paul Dushkind
Broderbund marketing art director.

Robert Cook
Game programmer, author of Gumball and D-Generation, programmer of the C-64 and Atari conversions of Karateka. Robert later joined me at Smoking Car Productions as technical director of The Last Express. Still later, he co-founded MetaWeb Technologies with Danny Hillis; it was acquired by Google.

Steve Patrick
Co-founder (with Tomi Pierce) of Sensei Software.

Toby Jaffe
Agent at Leading Artists, later a producer.

Tomi Pierce
Co-founder of educational software developer Sensei Software; subsequently ran Broderbund’s office in France. Tomi and I later collaborated on The Last Express, Chavez Ravine, and other projects. She married Doug Carlston in 1994. Tomi died in 2010 of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). You can read more about Tomi here.

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