Prince of Persia

Jordan created and programmed the original Prince of Persia on an Apple II computer in 1989. A decade later, he partnered with Ubisoft to reinvent his classic for a new generation of gamers with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Its success launched a global franchise that now includes video games, graphic novels, toys, LEGO, and a blockbuster Disney feature film.


About Prince of Persia

Thank you for visiting this site. I’d never have been able to take on the projects I have without the amazing support and loyalty of POP fans over the past twenty years.

Here’s a quick recap of the Prince’s adventures and how they’ve intertwined with mine — starting in the present and rewinding into the past at breakneck speed, which is of course his customary mode of travel.

The Prince Today

The sands of time have come full circle. In 2013, you can still play the original 1989 Prince of Persia on various mobile devices and consoles; or, if you’re a programmer, you can play with the Apple II source code on github.

In May 2010, Walt Disney Pictures released “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” — my first produced movie as screenwriter and executive producer, and currently the top-grossing video game-based movie of all time.

princeofpersia_graphicnovel_cover_001_lgTied in with the movie release, I wrote Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm, a graphic novel prequel setting up the characters and world of the movie. I had fun collaborating with a group of amazing artists including Tommy Lee Edwards, Bernard Chang, Cameron Stewart, and Niko Henrichon. (More about that here.)

The Disney movie launch included a slew of other Prince of Persia books, toys, and merchandising tie-ins, including, most awesomely, LEGO Prince of Persia.

Also in May 2010, Ubisoft released the latest Prince of Persia video game, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, for next-gen consoles and Wii.

A month earlier, First Second Books re-released its Prince of Persia graphic novel written by Iranian poet A.B. Sina, with an afterword by me. It’s an original story, with its roots in the Persian myths and legends which the games and movie share. This was my first project with First Second/Macmillan and the phenomenally talented husband-and-wife illustrator team LeUyen Pham & Alexandre Puvilland, and it sparked our next collaboration, Templar.

Rebirth of a Prince

Continuing back in time through the Prince of Persia video game series… past Ubisoft’s beautiful, controversial, cel-shaded Prince of Persia (2008)… past the previous-gen sequels, The Two Thrones (2005) and Warrior Within (2004)… to the game that (re)started it all: The Sands of Time…

In 2001 Ubisoft‘s founder and CEO, Yves Guillemot, took on the challenge of reviving Prince of Persia, at that time a decade-old, “classic” (i.e., dead) franchise. The project was developed at Ubisoft’s Montreal studio under the leadership of producer Yannis Mallat. For his talented young team (average age 22) it was a chance to show the world a franchise reboot done right; for me (age 35), it reawakened my joy in making video games after a four-year hiatus.


I joined the project first as a consultant, signing on to write the script, casting and directing the voice recording sessions, then joined the team full-time. Sands of Time was one of those creative collaborations when everything meshes. It became an underdog success story of 2003, sweeping that year’s industry awards and catapulting POP back to the top of the charts (14 million units sold and counting) and even onto a French postage stamp. Confirming Ubisoft Montreal’s arrival as one of the world’s top studios, the game was a career milestone for many members of the team, including me; it persuaded Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney to give me my first professional screenwriting gig writing the Prince of Persia movie. I will forever love Montreal, even in winter.

How it Began

asdRewinding further back in time… past the ill-starred Prince of Persia 3D (1999), past Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (1993)…

…to the original Prince of Persia, the side-scrolling, running/jumping/swordfighting game I spent three years creating and programming on the Apple II, back in the days when a computer was something you could pop the hood off and tinker with. Brøderbund published it in 1989. It was converted to nearly every videogame and computer console then in existence, selling 2 million copies worldwide. For the nostalgically inclined, you can play the original game on the iPhone/iPad, or download emulated versions from various sites you didn’t hear about from me.


Or, you can play Prince of Persia Classic, Ubisoft’s modern remake of the original POP, souped up with slicker graphics and a more contemporary gameplay interface. It’s available from Gameloft for download on Xbox 360, PlayStation, and other platforms.

If you’re curious about how Prince of Persia was created, or about the process of making video games in general, check out the ebook of my old journals, charting the development of the original POP game and its first sequel from 1985 to 1993. Portions of the journals are also posted online in the Old School section.


  1. 10-3-2008

    I’ll have to search out the graphic novel, plus the new game looks very exciting! Love the art direction. The movie is something to look forward to too.

    That reminds me, I should actually play through Arabian Nights one of these days (even though I’ve beaten 3D countless times)…

    Thank you Jordan!

  2. 10-15-2008

    You’re way ahead of me… I only played up to level 2 (on POP3D).

    • 4-15-2010

      Dear Mr. Mechner,

      First of all, I would like to thank you for bringing a real entertainment for me when I was a kid. I am 23 now, but I can still remember how I enjoyed the game at the time. It was in 1993, in my country, Malaysia. Here, in early 90s, it is very hard to find a single game, let alone a great game such as POP. The memories of playing POP while the whole family are watching is still fresh in my mind. I still remember figuring out the mirror puzzle (where you need to run towards it and press jump), and how i screamed, calling all my household after i beat up Jafar (after my dad and my big brother failed for the whole week). :D

      You might not know how I feel, because eventhough I tried to explained it in words, I still can’t get the feeling expressed perfectly. You, Mr. Mechner, is one of the greatest guy in my life, and your game does make a big impact on it. Thanks again.

      Hamim, Malaysia.

    • 3-30-2013

      Can u propose Ubisoft to remake POP3D.

    • 4-20-2013

      I completed POP3D believe or not. it was played on Windows XP SP2 but asked disc 2 and i inserted it played but but it wont played after i patched version 1.0.1 .it asked disc 2 i inserted but it says insert correct disc can you help .but i still have original disc.

    • 11-15-2013

      Prince of Persia was the first game I ever played. I just fell in love with it and then with its highly graphical sequel and the thrilling story. Prince of Persia is a big part of my childhood. I have played Prince of Persia 3d atleast 4 times and have really enjoyed the persian environment. And HOw can we forget sands of time, the stunning masterpiece, the game that had me blown away when I played it. The game I have played on God knows how many times. The sequels were awesome but I am really upset with no prince of persia for a long time….. Please More PRINCE OF PERSIA!

    • 11-15-2013

      POP 3D is really good. Awesome actually specially the huge palace and the captivating environments. Despite its glitches, its one of the best games ever in my opinion.

  3. 10-23-2008


    The site looks very nice. :) Also Elbryan, the graphic novel is really good. You’ll like it.

  4. 10-23-2008


    The storyline in the Sands of Time through the Two Thrones was one of the most compelling stories I have ever encountered in a video game. The Prince had an amazing personality and I loved the bantering between him and Farah. Does the personality of the Prince in the movie hold true to the game? How hard was it to finally find a name for the Prince? I have high hopes about the newest installment of the POP game but I would feel a whole lot better if I knew you had some involvement! Thank you, the Prince will always remain my favorite, and if you ever decide to continue the story after the Two Thrones, you have my vote!

  5. 10-23-2008

    (referred from John

    I grew up on the original prince of persia. As a little kid who barely understood what I computer was, I was still able to sit at my old apple in my closet and weave my way through those intense levels. When me and friends have conversations about what we played as little kids, I never go towards sonic or mario, but always the original PoP. I even bought an awesome illustrated pseudo strategy guide that made each level sound like a movie, and I would stay up late at night reading it. Memories like that you never forget. I just want to say thanks and that PoP will always remain a staple of my early life.

  6. 10-28-2008

    I LOVE your journal entries. Please keep posting them when you can!

  7. 10-29-2008

    The very first actual computer game I ever played was Prince on the PC (before that I’d played a Pacman clone made with ascii graphics and a number of “exciting” games like “land the moon lander” where your only input was typing values for the braking thrusters… yeah). I was about 9 or 10 years old. More importantly, it was something that I did with my dad. I read these articles today about fathers discovering that they can play the DS or the Wii together with their sons, and all I can say to that is HAH! My dad trained me on the 8086, and soon enough we were racing each other through Prince levels. (We didn’t need a time attack mode like Prince of Persia Classic on PSN has–we made it ourselves) This was a weak 4.77 Mhz CPU with 640k of RAM and a CGA card, and yet Prince looked incredible in its four color glory. I think this was the game that really got me into gaming. Last week I bought PoP Classic on the PSN (having only very recently bought a console, I skipped all the recent Prince games) and it brought me here. All I can say is: I can still play through the first levels without stopping for a second. My fingers remember all the puzzles, all the secrets, it’s amazing. And for what it’s worth: I also preferred the original UI, especially in combat, but I can play the new one too :)

    • 5-20-2011

      Hahah i have the same history, haha my father told me about “prince of percia” in 1991 haha maybe i was 5 years maybe, very good moments with my father now i have 26 and i play ps3 or xbox360…. i wish to play “prince of percia classic” to remenber this very beautiful moments

  8. 10-30-2008

    Even on the PC with a CGA emulator for the monochrome Hercules card, Prince was amazing. I am very much looking forward to readimg more from your diary back then. Bookmarked!

  9. 11-10-2008

    Now that I reminisce about the original game, all sorts of memories come to my mind: the animation was smooth and naturalistic enough to keep me distracted from the fact that I was playing in a B&W screen; and the cold keys on the keyboard would instantly translate into those beautiful, expressive movements so cunningly captured onto the screen. Not too many times did I witness such a step forward in the definition of visual perspective, of bodily movements and weights, but also the inventiveness of the levels as a giant puzzle begging to be solved.

    Prince of Persia was pure and minimalist. Apart from the silent movie-like introduction, where the gestures of the characters replaced the use of words, the story was utterly simple, using only the classic three character scheme: valiant hero, damsel in distress and the ruthless villain, not unlike the ancient middle-eastern tales. I also remember the gameplay very dearly, flowing naturally from running and jumping sequences to gallant sword fights. No power-ups, no side-quest missions for equipment and additional weapons: just the one trustworthy sword and the colored vials replenishing the character’s health or hastening his encounter with death.

    It is a great shame to the videogame industry that such a precious masterpiece, a work of art that captivated computer players by the thousands, evolved into a tasteless and inferior series of games. As if the “3D” fiasco wasn’t enough, when I saw the prince holding two swords and doing a mix of fighting and ballet by the sound of heavy metal I knew this world had gone mad. And I feel very sorry for that, Mr. Mechner.

    • 3-9-2011

      Oh I agree with your comment, despite the fact that I love everything that made the original PoP game, the ideas, the style and so on, I unfortunately had another point of view about what would become the 3D generation PoP games…

      …even if everyone of them are good and playable (and really fun !). It’s just a matter of taking decisions or anothers when you have to make the best choices.

  10. 11-15-2008

    Thanks Jordan, I remember the day when my father brings home our first personal computer (386 40 MHz), and some days later he bought me Prince of Persia and some time later The Shadow and the Flame, that was my favorite game for PC for a long time!

    When I heard about the revival of the Prince, I wasn’t convinced… until my girlfriend bought the game, and I was sucked into the medieval Persia, I never expected such a great game, history, characters and voices (even the dubbing in Spanish is amazing).

    I also finished WW and TTT but I didn’t feel the same way with these 2, the character changed, he wasn’t funny anymore, too much blood and violence.

    I hope this new Prince of Persia for PS3/Xbox360 helps to revive the franchise once again but in the way you dreamt when you made the originals and Sands of Time

    I can’t wait for the Sands of Time movie!!!

    Thanks again for bring the Prince of Persia to our lives

  11. 11-16-2008

    Jordan, You are a GENIUS!!! I was 22 years old when I began playing this game, I originally bought it for my 3 year old son to play… and I ended up playing it! It took me 5 months to finish this game, and it really took up most of my time trying to find out what do to do next and repeating the visions. When the game came to it’s end.. I began to cry and miss the time I had while playing, you know everyday I woke up and I knew I would have the best day other than being with my boys.. because adventure was waiting for me.. I would continue from where I saved it to. To make this long story short.. I have kept a new game in a safe place to play when I am older… this is the only game which I can say is like no other.. I fell in love with the characters and the story and the music goes perfect with the game! I did not like the other games after that.. I feel it didn’t stay true to the original.. I don’t think any game will overshadow this one in my opinion! I just want to say thanks! This game will always stand out. I hope there could be another game as this one with traces of Persia and the music and the clothing etc… until than I will hold on to The Sands of Time forever!!! I wish the Movie could stay true to the game but I know that won’t happen… I wish you can do the movie exactly as the game… that will sel BILLIONS!! LOL Have a great week!

  12. 12-14-2008

    hey jordan.

    my brother (23) and me (21) played pop back in the nineties when we were kids.

    we recently re-discovered it, and it floods us with beautiful memories.

    just want to let you know that, apart from the nostalgic feelings, i think you made a genuine and brilliantly sensitive game.
    we both agreed that we never encountered such animations again, and watching the prince run jump and climb is simply beautiful to watch. it is good to know that somebody has such a aesthesia for bodies and movement, and that its details like this that create vivid and lasting memories. your animations helped define what i find about art and games, thank you for that.

    i hope you didnt lose this sensivity.

  13. 12-25-2008

    Hi Jordan,

    Me (23) and my brother also started playing POP about 15 years ago. Just want to let you know that we like your work a lot! Keep up the good work.

    It was nostalgic when I found out your website! All the memories came back to me.


  14. 12-27-2008

    As a HUGE comics fan I was ecstatic to see PoP appear in Graphic Novel form. I didn’t actually get it though until this Christmas but I can not WAIT to read it!

    I hope that we see more of the Prince in comic format in the future.



  15. 1-15-2009


    I’m so thrilled to have found this blog. At first, I was absolutely shocked about the number of comments you have on your posts. There aren’t that many! So I’m like “Are you kidding me?? this must be the wrong website” I was expecting hundreds upon hundreds of comments :)

    I grew up playing all of your games (yes, ALL of them), and needless to say, I’m one of your biggest fans. It’s always been a dream of mine to make music for PoP.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    All the way from Bahrain,

  16. 1-16-2009

    Yesterday I saw Fincher´s Zodiac again, Jake Gyllenhaal is great there, I am sure he will be very good Prince. I have my fingers crossed for the PoP movie.

  17. 1-24-2009

    i really like the story line
    i just finish the last game yesterday ( finish it in 2 day’s:P )
    i love it really
    the grafic is epic defrent then any other game and thats what make it vary vary good thank you for this great gameline

  18. 2-2-2009

    Hi Jordan,

    Just finished Prince of Persia graphic novel (in French by Dargaud ed.). Beautiful! I hope there will be more. The only PoP game I didn’t play was Shadow & Flame, so you can consider me a fan – I even suffered through 3D to the bitter end – too bad, there were some good ideas in that one. The last game from UbiSoft is a masterpiece – I hope there’s more later on (apart from DLC) – and I also hope you get back onboard – I happen to think Sands of Time is the best in the franchise. Looking forward to the movie! Keep it up!

  19. 2-23-2009

    i just kind a thanks for makin me like pc game again … the sands of time … warrior within .. two throne .. is just i played .. i haven’t play older game …. btw.. i’m 28 years old … the part i like most is chased by dahaka .. hehehe … i like warrior within better than two throne or sands of time ….. but all three is great game …. hope the movie can do the wall run … lol ….. the part that i like to do in every game…..

    hope the 2008 will great as the three you’ve make .. even though it’s not your writing or design ….

    good luck with life …. se ya around

    p/s hope you make new GREAT ame just like this pop 1,2,3

  20. 2-26-2009

    Hello Mr. Jordon Mechner,

    I just found this site , I’m happy i’m writing to the creator of my beloved game , my childhood game: Prince Of Persia ,

    I’m a Persian girl , and the first one and the second one ” shadows and flames ” are really like ancient persians and the musics are really great and near to persian musics but its kinda mixed with arabic and indian to some extent , but that’s really great,

    i played with it when i was only a child and now i’m 24, i still can’t believe you would read my comment . I had always a question in my mind, have you ever travelled to my country, if no, so how do you know so much information about persian culture?

  21. 3-1-2009

    is there a forum on the site?

  22. 3-2-2009

    Everyone: Thanks for the very kind comments!

    A Persian Girl: I’ve never been to Iran and I’m definitely not an expert on Persian culture. Everything I know comes from reading, and from talking to friends who know more about Persia than I do.

    Mala: There will be a forum coming soon.

    • 2-19-2011

      I hope any future ubisoft games of prince of persia will have a story continuing prince’s life after two thrones. I think that moving forward is better than going in a vicious circle.

    • 12-31-2012

      Hello Dear!

      I’m from Afghanistan! I love all of your work on POP and other projects.
      as I’m 1 of your big fan I would like to become your friend in fb.
      and if you confirm my Friend Request I’ll be glad of you!


  23. 3-6-2009

    Wow,I remember the first game,i have just got the new version.

    talented young Montreal team (average age 22), it was a chance to show the world what they could do; for an old-timer like me (I was 36).

    P.s I have to say being 36-year old did not make you an old-timer you were still pretty young well ok maybe compared to the people who work at the game.

  24. 3-7-2009

    I sincerely share the opinion that Jordan Mechner is one of the best gaming creators of all times!

    I’m eager to see some of your newer work. But seriously I think you should consider a work as Producer at Ubisoft Montreal and start shaking the Prince of Persia Universe.

    I think I speak for a very large group of fans when I say that we are all waiting for you, the franchise is reaching a decadent state right now… We need your help Jordan Mechner.

    Please come back to Ubisoft Montreal Studios to produce a REAL Prince of Persia!

    Until then, good luck for all of your projects ;)

  25. 3-21-2009

    Are you a Muslim
    and Why you are intrested in Islamic Culture Persian are Muslims after all.

  26. 3-22-2009

    Hey Mr.Jordan i am a big fan of your prince of persia games from saudi arabia..I played it when i was like 5 years old and now i am 13..and i still play it thank u for making this game.!!

    i cant wait to see the new prince of persia movie!!!:)

  27. 5-26-2009

    I was absolutely brought up on Prince of Persia. Hours of my young childhood were certainly lost to this spectacular innovation. In truth, i was far less impressed once the big boys “took over”, however certainly number one was awesome. Number two, which i never sucessfully completed to a satisfactory level, still holds magic to me, and i must stress thanks for creating such an awesome, rounded, intuitive game. Jordan, you are a genius.

    Many thanks, good luck with the movie

  28. 6-17-2009

    Oh, I can’t believe I found the oracle of POP. Nice to see you, Jordan. I wasted more than 2 month of my golden time in college playing POP in 1991, but I am very happy when I run back over that time.
    My major in the college was Mechanical engineering, but now I’m working for NCsoft :-)
    You are my hero !

  29. 6-19-2009

    Prince of Persia, the first video game I have ever played in my life. Played it thousands of times over, yet, it never fails to give me a great time. Thanks for the greatest platformer game of all time.

  30. 7-5-2009

    wow so many fans…including me…POP is really good…there is no game i have enjoyed more than POP…its like watching a movie and playing a game at the same time..thats how gooooood the game and story line is.

  31. 7-6-2009

    hi Jordan,

    i lost my life’s meaning when i completed all the installments of POP.

    can you help?


  32. 7-22-2009

    I can’t believe I only just found out this site existed! I first played POP on a really old computer at my grandparents’ house when I was 5 or something. I would always get stuck on the copy protection thing because my dad (the computer used to be his) lost the manual. My brothers and I would just play Level 1 over and over again until we guessed the potion right. Sometimes we would just watch our dad beat it.

    I still play the original POP. With roomshaker and pr I’ve making new levels of my own. It’s quite hard to make 14 good levels. I’ve done the same thing with POP2. I got the second one when I was 7 or 8 and never got past the skeleton on the bridge. Now I’ve beaten the game 2 or 3 times but I still get stuck with Jaffar most of the time.

    I’ve beaten sands of time 12 times or so and it still makes me laugh. Working on WW. Not as good, but the story’s still awesome. I can’t wait to see the movie; it’s only 10 months away!

  33. 8-5-2009

    Jordan, (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that! :D)

    I am one of your biggest fans. I’m 16 years old, Armenian with Persian grandparents, and when I found my dad’s old IBM in storage, I immediately saw the Prince game next to it (my brother is 29; he bought it a while ago!) and decided to try it out.
    Let me say this: You are a GENIUS!
    The characters, the compelling storyline, and the sheer cleverness of its simplicity was overwhelming, especially for a game made in 1989.
    I have played The Sands of Time, and was so confused by my ending time that I played it again! :)
    I’m truly excited for the Sands of Time movie, and, hey, if it works, we get to see some exceptionally glorifying Dahaka chases in a sequel. >:)
    Warrior Within was…meh, and I didn’t like it very much. Same for Two Thrones.
    Also, the Graphic Novel was a great read; My younger brother actually read it at nights when I wasn’t!
    It would really be great if you replied to this; I’d be overjoyed if your comment was posted and I knew your fingers typed it!

    • 8-6-2009

      Jack: My pleasure. Thanks for writing.

  34. 9-2-2009


    At first time I have seen Prince of Persia in 1998. It is my favorite and really best game. It is the best game which I have ever seen. The original version of Prince of Persia was released 20 years ago. But many people play this even now. I believe, that POP will be popular forever. Thank you!

  35. 10-9-2009


    I mainly skimmed through your blog, and found some interesting things. Why do you say PoP3d and this last PoP were quite “controversial” releases?

  36. 10-29-2009

    Jordan Mechner

    Your games are one of the best games i have played in my entire 19 year old life. I played the original POP when i was 7 yrs only and finished it. The only one i didnt play was POP3D. Can u tell me:

    1. Is the Prince a muslim character (based on 1001 nights)?
    2. Why did ubsft change the storyline and the original plot of POP 2008 to a european one. The other games were a success bcoz of their unique persian storyline.

  37. 11-5-2009

    Dear Mr. Jordon Mechner

    I am one of your biggest fans and i love Prince Of Persia Game it’s abest game in this world
    but we need another game from prince of persia like the sands of time series

    because the last series prince of persia 2008 not good like a previous series

    it’s seems another game you should call it (elika) not prince of persia

    i’m sorry but prince of persia 2008 it’s the worst than the sands of time series

    please make another game like the sands of time or continu it

    the best game for me (Warrior Within)

    • 12-2-2009


      I actually do have all of Prince of Persia games.

      And I have to say opposite to my colegue,

      The last one is The Best One.

      And yes, it’s also about Elika, who is there a second character, and yes, it’s about the feeling which is growing between the Prince an Elika. It’s about love, and and choices the people are making form being in love.

      Graphics: I was feeling like in other world . 11/10 No better graphics to tell a story.

      Character behaviours : 10/10 – they actually do everything cooperatively – he helps her, catches her.

      Plot and dialogues 10/10 “That thick” :)

      Action, combat, combos hits 10/10

      Abilities of characters 10/10

      Camera movement, slow motion, angle 10/10

      Free choice of a way to the end 10/10

      Animation 10/10

      Realism of gravity 10/10

      Main characters 10/10 (I even think I had a crush on Elika :))

      MUSIC 10/10

      And yes, If we want to have a real discussion we have to give arguments. Eng. Rami – give arguments for your theory.

      Eng. Rami – maybe for you, feelings are something bad, shameful and not worth to tell about.
      Maybe you like hack and slash – WW and T2T was more to it.

      And yes I like a lot Free form fighting system in WW – which is the best for this game.

      But POP 2008 is a different story. More adult. More about something which is the most precious – life of a person that one loves.
      And the belief, that with this person we can do everything. Even defeat the fallen god of darkness again.


      I’m a player since 1990, since I was 9. I played a lot of them. I still do. But for the firs time I was exactly in the game. Not playing the game.

      I CANNOT WAIT FOR A SEQUEL. Like a tree in the desert looking for the rain.

      Hopefully Elika and Prince will live together happily ever after.
      If You would do something like in The Pirates of Caribbean – it would be sick, and I hope You know about it ;).

      Sincerely Your Gamer


  38. 11-5-2009

    I hope to take my opinion seriously
    With My whole Respect Mr. Jordan

  39. 11-6-2009

    Keep up the good work Jordan!

  40. 11-15-2009

    Dear Jordan Mechner,
    I am a greatest fan of the POP trilogy. I am so associated with the game that I made up a story that sets into filling the gaps of the game. I would like to share that story with you. so please tell me if you are really interested to know my part of the story.
    please let me know at so that i can send you the story in word format for your reading.

    thanks for your time…..

  41. 11-17-2009

    Dear Jordan,

    Words cannot begin to describe what an impact the original PoP had on my childhood, and I’m talking more in an emotional sense rather than literal, here’s my story:

    I’m from Saudi Arabia, and back in early 1992 my brother (5 years older than me, I’m 25) was attending an IBM learning center which had the original PoP installed on its PCs, so he used to rave about how cool and fun the game was, animation and gameplay-wise. We learned of the (then) new SNES port of the game, so he asked my dad to buy the game as a birthday present. I still remember the day he brought it home, we turned it on and the intro sequence began, I remember being absolutely amazed and dazzled by the graphics, music, and presentation, especially the prince’s animations(I know the SNES port was enhanced compared to the original, but still), and I remember reading your name and saying to myself “what an awesome looking game, Mr. Mechner is a great man!”.

    The memories I have of the game since then are all cherished, we spent a good year and a half or so until we got the true ending of the game, and replayed it again and again until the 32-bit era came along. I used to play with my younger brother beside me and we used to voice the characters for the fun of it, kinda like role-play. In short, alot of my early 90’s childhood memories feature instances of playing the game and the achievements we made beating it. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making all that possible.

    As a gamer from Saudi Arabia and representative of the Saudi gaming community, I salute you, you are a true pioneer in the video game industry and deserve all the respect and honor you have received and much more, I’m very glad to have had the chance to write this message to you directly via your personal blog, wish you all the best!


  42. 11-21-2009

    Dear Jordan,

    POP was my first game i ever played. Didnt know there was a save function. So i played it to from the very beginning everytime. The day i finished the game, someone told me that it cud be saved. But i am glad that i didnt know….

    You have every right to be proud of yourself… go make another game!

  43. 11-22-2009

    This is probably a bit off-topic. I cut my programming teeth on the Apple //+ Brøderbund had the gnarliest programmers ever! Period! I learned more deciphering their boot block on Aztec (another game) than I ever did at University. Both Machine Language, and DOS 3.3.

    But, when it came to graphics, Prince of Persia rules! At least, at the programming level. The way Brøderbund did Absolute addressing and Indexed addressing; that made for such incredible, smooth, and fast animation; I was in awe then (1989) and I am still in awe now.

    If I may ask a very, very stupid question:
    My wife has just recently discovered PoP. (Because of the new movie — the trailer is groovy.) But she is confused at the FIRST level. She cannot navigate the tunnels, because the screen only shows a bit of the maze at a time (duh). She wants a map of the whole level, so she knows what she’s getting into, and where she’s going. [Yes, she doesn't quite get the idea of a video game.]

    The stupid question is: “Can I get for her, a map of the first level? — Complete?”

    I still have all of the Aztec game, and all of the Prince of Persia game, printed out, disc sector by disc sector, in Hex. It has been very slow going for me to disassemble the graphics so that I can get the transitions to each different Monitor view. Six windows down, but (what appears to be) 26 windows to go. I’ll be done by, oh, August. So can anyone out there help?

    Not interested in the problems to solve; yes, that is up to my wife to figure out. But without a comprehensive map, she’s just getting frustrated.

    Can you help?
    Ivan Kalinin

    P.S. You will find my e-mail name ends up in the spam folder. Anything beginning with “user” and ending with “” is a real clue that this is a Spammer who just signed on. NO. I was the 5,013th Macintosh user to sign onto AOL — back when it was Quantum Link.

  44. 12-4-2009


  45. 12-12-2009

    No chance to watch the newest video on Spike Channel…
    POP series is the first game I have been waiting for so long to concern about it.
    (Forgive my pool English.)

  46. 1-9-2010

    The first computer game I played, when I was 11 years old. Thank you Jordan, for all the memories

  47. 2-1-2010

    Hello Mr. Jordan Mechner,

    Prince is the first game I played on a computer. Was stuck to it for hours together trying to complete it. I was 10 years back then. I never had a chance to play the Prince II however I later played Prince of Persia The Sands of Time then Prince of Persia Warrior Within(It made me dream for a job at Ubisoft) and later I played Prince of Persia The Two Thrones. All awesome, highly intense story telling with great twists especially in Warrior Within.

    Now I am working in ubisoft :-D and here I played Prince of Persia(2008). Again an awesome game though not much interaction for the player.

    Looking forward to Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands. I hope to see Dahaka in this and I really wish Prince would never End.

    Thanks for such an awesome experience.
    Vipin Trisal
    Game Tester

  48. 2-5-2010

    The classic Prince of Persia (PC) was the 1st game I played on a 286 PC in 1990. I’m from Romania, and back then it was really something, I remember how everyone had a pirate copy on a floppy disk (sorry for that but there were no software stores back then, everything was pirated). Back then I didn’t have a computer of my own, my mother was using one at work so I was going to her office to play after hours. After I got home I kept dreaming about your game and trying to guess how the other levels are until I beat Jaffar and kept comming for more.
    I was 11-12 years old, and PoP got me fascinated with computers and games, which made me learn alot about computers, not only games.

    I never dreamed back then that one day I would be able to say thanks to the person who gave me all these fantastic memories and made such a wonderful game.

    Thanks alot!

    P.S. Is there any chance to see the Classic 360 version on a PC? The graphics are great.

  49. 2-14-2010

    Hello there Jordan. words truly, truly cannot describe the thanks in my and my brothers hearts for the imagination you have helped inspire over the long years with your epic story/games. Thank you so very much for the sparks over the years that continue to light our imaginations even to this very day. I honestly wished to ask only 1 question and that is, would you happen to know who the very talented artist was for the Super Famicom Box Art of Prince of Persia? Thank you for everything and please take it easy and keep the imagination flowing =).

  50. 2-23-2010

    I cant believe I am writing on Jordan Mechner’s blog.. It was somewhere around 1990/1991 I used to play prince of persia hours, days together.. to solve the puzzles and eager to reach the princess… I was 12 or 13 yrs at that time and i remember the nights i continusly played on those old pcs xts on monochrome monitors. Even after solving all the puzzles i played a lot to reach as soon as possible.. my least was somwhere 34 to 35 minutes… wanted to make a record hah. I did not play any other pop versions later.. that one was just a cult version for me. Thanks to that great awesome game !!! You know what.. I would love to play the same game with different puzzles.. same old prince, same old graphics, same old dungeons, same old sounds, music.. But i know, its not possible.. anyway.. thanks again to that great game.

  51. 4-8-2010

    Hi, pop 1 was my first played pc game. I had fun so much. Wanted to say thanks so much jordan. God bless you :)

  52. 4-8-2010

    Prince of Persia is truly one of the best classical games ever. Its like the GodFather of Cinema for the game industry. Thnaks Jordan. keep up the amazing work

  53. 4-8-2010

    Your works on karateka, the last express, and prince of persia 1,2 and the sands of time are very unique and are great wen it comes to story and gameplay. Oh and your works on
    chavez ravine was very well done and cant wait to see prince of persia the sands of time. Will you ever return to video games or make another film?

    You are legendary

  54. 5-15-2010

    Thank You, Mr Mechner for writing the story of the Prince of Persia. You are truly a genius.
    I am 16 years old and I loved playing The Prince Of Persia.
    I only ever played the whole Sands of Time series but all the way through it I was constantly enjoying it.

    I loved the blending elements of Persian and Indian themes and music through out Sands of time. That was something you should definitely keep. It was very sucessful in being able to seem eluding to the two mysterious nations’ past and history.

    Keep the Prince’s english accent, that combined with the Persian and Indian surroundings (that made u want to go explore them) made a brilliant and interesting game.

    I actually thought The Warrior Within was my favourite overall. Just the fighting ability of the Prince combined with the dark elements of the game made it intresting and it was very entertaining to be able to wield the power that the prince had effortlessly in the game.

    The Prince’s costume in Warrior within is brilliant. The fact that he could wield two swords and throw one of them if he wanted to was amazing in the Prince’s combat ability. Also the actual swords you had in warrior within together with the dagger from sands of time are things to keep. I think you should have the prince being able to wield the swords of WW in both his hands and aswell as that, if he chooses to, wield the dagger of time as well.

    The puzzles in WW were also the best out of the three.

    The Princes’ personalities are good. I liked both the elements of their cocky and funniness in the games and films aswell as when the Prince became serious like a man with something to fight for i.e Redemption like in WW. The him being funny is good when he is with Farah or Elika or Tamina but I think there should equally be parts where he is alone and where he is focused and parts where he uses his amazing acrobatics and agility (one of the things, especially wall-running, that really made the games).

    The narrating voices of the (espescially)the Prince and Kaileena was a good aspect of the game however I have seen the trailer of the film POP:SOT and Gemma Arterton’s seductive english accent is something just as good. It makes you wanna see what is to come next of the story that is to unfold.

    The concept of time and redemption in the game is probaly the best thing. As the Prince learns how to control time and defy the Dahaka and master destiny you really begin to want to join in with that notion of being able to change your own fate.

    You should keep the story of The Prince of Persia going.

    I will say one thing and that, as a kid, ever since I played The Sands of Time right till I finshed The Two Thrones and even till this day…

    If there is going to be a sequel to the movie coming out it should definitely have the Dahaka in it.

    I dont really approve of it being a disney movie because it doesn’t seem like it could be a good for all the family type movie to me. It would be a better action adventure film with elements of romance in it.

    Now I realise you didnt work on WW but it was a good installment to the series and without it I think the games would be a little too fairytale like. A mix of that and the elements of WW, I think, is what Prince of Persia should be all about. I think thats were The Two Thrones came in and made a fantasic and satifying end to the series.

    Finally I would like to say one last thing, as a kid, ever since I started to play Sands Of Time till when I finished the story of The Two Thrones,
    The story compelled me to want to be The Prince of Persia.

  55. 5-15-2010

    I also forgot to add that I have seen the trailer for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and I think it’s brilliant. the Prince’s ability is brilliant and is part of what is so good about the games.
    The game’s action could be the best yet…. The I am yet to find out about… There should be a balance of the amazing action/adeventure as well as the compelling story of The Persia…

    Thanks again for being the one to start it all off,

  56. 5-19-2010

    Have you seen the new Prince of Persia legos!!!!!!??????!!!!!! Totally SICK!!!!!!

  57. 5-22-2010

    Hello, Mr Mechner

    I’m Hala from Jordan,I can’t believe I’m finaly writing to you, you’r an extremely creative writer,you’r simply agenius.
    I should tell you that I’m fond of your creativity and your masterpiece Prince of Persia,it’s really amazing how you made that mix between the way I’m an Arabian girl and I loved all the the Arabian things in the game.
    finally,I wish to meet you some day Mr Mechner, and I have two questions for you:
    1-Have you ever visited an Arab country?
    2-what do you like about the Arabian culture?

    please answer me, i’ll be so happy to know that you read my comment..please…please

    Thank you sooooooooo much

  58. 5-27-2010

    Follow me ->



  59. 5-27-2010

    I have just seen The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie and it was just amazing! Is there going to be a sequel? I really hope so! I can’t wait for it!

  60. 6-2-2010

    Dear Jordan Mechner,
    I am very fond of prince of persia and the game as excellent as anything.
    I liked your prince of persia from starting onwards.
    the most likely pop is the two thrones.
    but i didn’t like the gap between pop t2t and pop4.

    But i was very thankful to you because you created such an awesome game that i played it for many times though i won the game completely.

    because of your creation iam thankful.

    I like your work very much.

    I hope you continue your work with prince of persia.


  61. 6-10-2010

    Prince of Persia: the only game that has made me spend sleepless nights in my teens … is very very good even 20 years later. Congratulations Jordan

  62. 7-10-2010

    I played the original Prince of Persia in my teens, spent countless hours with it. Very cool gameplay, especially for its time.

    But POP: The Sands of Time is nothing short of amazing. Incredible acrobatics (in 3D), splendid environments and, most of all, really engaging story and characters.

    The later games, unfortunately, never managed to mix the same ingredients. They’re good games, just not great. The Sands of Time remains one of my favorite games (I have just finished replaying it today), and considering how many games I play this is not said lightly.

    Thanks for the many, many hours of fun.

  63. 7-13-2010



  64. 8-7-2010

    Mr. Jordan.

    where you got the idea of Prince of Persia?

    Bible, Daniel, Chapter 10, (20-21)

    20 He said, You know why I come to you? Well now I have to return to fight against the prince of Persia, and to end it, the prince of Greece will come. 21 But I will declare what is written in the book of truth, and no one helps me against them, but Michael your prince.

  65. 8-10-2010


    I’m a big fan of yours.i played all of your game and they are like GREAT.
    but the last game-pop the forgotten sands-why is it the enemy speaks persian and it seems the prince has no clue about what they are saying?
    that’s kind of strange.isn’t he a persian after all?
    that aside mr.jorden you are great,i wish you luck

  66. 8-21-2010

    hola soy de chile, no se escribir muy bien en ingles, pero solo quiero decirte que el primer prince of persia es uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado en mi vida, me trae muy buenos recuerdos, aunque nunca pude terminarlo jajajaja

    muchos saludos sr. jordan mechner


  67. 8-23-2010

    i’m a big fan of yours. i played all prince of persia video games including the forgotten sands, it was awesome!!!

  68. 9-25-2010

    Very good! your games of the “Prince of persia Saga” haha bueno son de los mejores Felicitaciones!

  69. 10-15-2010

    Hello Mr. Mechner,

    I am so thrilled to come across your blog. I am a 14 year old from India. I played POP some months back when I found a copy lying with an ancient computer at our house. You are a genius to have come up with such a wonderful concept back in 1989 and to have implemented it flawlessly.

    What’s more exciting for me is our family’s history behind POP. You see my parents fell in love while playing POP together! I never knew this until I asked my mum about the game. So in a way Mr. Mechner you are the reason why I am here today! How can I ever thank you enough. :)

    I watched the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time recently and also played the game and I really really liked them. Keep up the great work Mr. Mechner. Wish you all the best for your upcoming projects. I will definitely check out all of them!

  70. 10-22-2010

    POP (all parts) is my favourite game ever. The only game I involve in the game and think as I am the Prince playing it. I played all the parts in all (PC, PSP and PS3) consoles. Still not satified with the excitement.

    I listen the game music everyday (most of time) as a habit. I dont know when I listen the game music It will take me to those locations in the game.

    Thanks Jordan for creating such a wonderful game I have ever played. Thanks for UBI soft fot designing such great games.

    “Hail the Prince of Persia”.

  71. 10-31-2010

    Hi Jordan,
    Just wanted to say – Thank You. A big, Thank You :D

    Your Prince of Persia franchise is the one of the best – THE best for me personally – game franchises of all time. The impact of the PoP series is unmistakeably huge, and as far as storyline is concerned, its unmatched ! Me and my friends have nothing but great memories of the game, and its all down to your brilliance. The personal blog is great, and I wish you all the best for your upcoming ventures..

  72. 11-4-2010

    Any chance of getting Apple II disk images of Prince of Persia & Karateka up here? I’d pay for them, rather than an iPhone game!

  73. 11-24-2010

    Hi Sir… I am a big fan of the character you created.. the youth who runs, jumps, swings..and also fights. Have finished all the pop games (PC versions till date) and I just wonder what made you create such an epic piece of creation! You are just amazing. :) The Classic side-scrollers were so exciting though I actually started my hands first on POP:Warrior Within (the UBISOFT publication). I am happy to find you here and hope you read my comment. I have always wanted to know what made you think of making of such a platformer masterblaster that no other genre or game can or has been able to copy.

    The mix of Persian-Indian-Arabic feel in the music and the essence of the game is so beautiful. Please keep the fusion within yourself that let you create my only most favorite virtual character. Wish to see more of the imagination coming from you. Take Care. Best wishes forever.. :)

    And I must mention.. I am from India.. a free-runner.. inspired from the Prince :)

  74. 12-22-2010

    Hola Jordan !

    Son las 23:55 del día 14 de noviembre de 1991 y es mi cumpleaños nº 19, ahora estoy jugando al POP en mi IBM XT haciendo trampa con el “prince.exe -megahit”

    My best regards for you and your family i hope you have many new ideas for 2011

    Bs. As. – Argentina

    Damián ;-)

  75. 12-26-2010

    Hi Jordan..

    I can’t find out the right words to tell you what I’m feeling right now,
    I started playing pop 1 in 1991 , Now I’m 39, and still feeling the same deep sensation I had many many years ago , I swear that I ‘ve got tears falling when I discovered POP on utube…

    I think that all of us in this forum , have left some thing in the game , may be a part of our innocence , or a lost mystery of youth , who knows…

    Thanks for all the time spent , not with the game , but withing it…

    PS : can i get a dedicated sketch of my favorite game hero for my kido Alex (he is the son of his father)
    Sam. :)
    Algeria 2010.

  76. 1-4-2011

    i finished d game in 4 hrs 46 mins…hahaha lolololol

  77. 1-8-2011

    Keep up the good work!!!

  78. 1-22-2011

    i am the biggest fan of pop.
    nd as per me, warrior within is the best. hahaha DAHAKA!!
    1 question: how to defeat kaileena first time?

  79. 3-7-2011

    hllo,im playin the HD POP Trilogy now playng WW-ones i read,one of the ubisoft publisher said-we lost our pop gamers to GOD OF WAR- Well the FFF Combat systm was great…why didnt UBISOFT continued… POP 08 was a very nice piece of Art,instead continue the story,they chose to make a sequel of SOT series-and the worst pop titel ever!

    Aim from Turkey,my great grandfahter is from persia,maybe thats why haves the prince his special place-i feel close to him-
    I hope not,that ubisoft its gonna destroy POP

    (biggest problem from POP& ASSASSIS CREED is…publisher is UBISOFT ;)

    Mr.Mechner hope the next pop is from u :)

  80. 3-25-2011

    First of all, thanx a lot for such great game you did!

    What language Prince of Persia for DOS written at? Is sources of DOS Version available?

  81. 5-3-2011

    first of all of course let me express my admiration for your videogames: although I didn’t play every one of them (most notably I miss the second PoP and The Last Express), they all have great charm and they clearly are the fruit of an artistic vision rather than of sales figures and marketing choices.

    So, I have a little blog where I write about games, movies and other things, and I wanted to write something about The Sands of Time, and thinking about it two questions popped into my mind:

    1) Why weren’t you involved with the sequel, “The Warrior Within”, and for that matter, with all the sequel that spawned from TSOT? Was it your choice, a choice from Ubisoft’s side, or what?

    2) The common story was that TSOT didn’t sell well, so Ubisoft took the more marketable approach of Warrior Within for the sequel, but I just checked and their numbers say that TSOT has been so far the most sold chapter of the trilogy, with 1.44m copies sold compared to the 1.40m of Warrior Within and the mere 0.54m of The Two Thrones. Even more, here you say that TSOT sold a whopping 14m copies! Could you expand on this?

    If you think such questions are too sensitive to be answered here, feel free to email me at My intention of course would be to include your answers to the post I intend to write about TSOT, but if you’d feel such things should stay private, I’d feel content with just satisfying my curiosity.

    Thanks again for the great games and wish you the best luck for your future projects!

    • 5-4-2011

      Hi Bruno — thanks for asking. I don’t know specific sales figures, and if I did they wouldn’t be mine to share — but it’s no secret that SOT was a big success, certainly one of the best-selling POP titles worldwide. It may be that one title or another did relatively better in a particular territory/format such as the US, and this could give differing impressions based on which numbers you’re looking at.

      As for my role, the short answer is that after SOT in 2003, I returned to LA and focused for the next several years on getting the POP movie going, writing screenplays and graphic novels, so I couldn’t be part of WW, TTT and the other game sequels. I had a great experience working with the Ubisoft Montreal team on SOT — all the stars aligned for that one, and as you know I was and am extremely proud of the result. Hope that helps answer your question!

      • 5-5-2011

        Thanks for the answer :) hope to see some new game from you soon!

  82. 6-1-2011

    prince of persia was the first game i really played on a dos computer back in 1992 i think.

    i, and many other friends love this game (still do).

    now i found the creator i want to thank you alott for doing this…(ive read your old journal a bit).
    gladd you did make prince of persia :D

    daimn that game was epic and lifechanging for so many young people…like me :P

    i recently used the intro music for a gamesound contest and alott of people recognized the music instantly :)

    ofcourse you made more beautifull things…but i just had to tell you how awesome price of persia was back then…

    jeffrey (holland)

  83. 6-10-2011

    Prince of Persia is my favorite game series of all time. I love everything everything it about it. Thankyou Jordan Mechner, the PoP team, and Ubisoft Montreal, for creating one the most (if not the most) beloved game series of all time. I wish I could also be a game designer at Ubisoft.
    —-Byron Injeeli

  84. 6-23-2011

    Asalam Aleikum sir You are the great i love Prince Of persia i played all version on this game now iam wetting whats next from ubi soft Thank you You are the Great….

  85. 7-1-2011

    Hey Jordan,
    One day I was at a blockbuster and I saw a game called Prince of persia the forgotten sands for the wii and on the cover it said “unlock the original 1982 game” well when I got home I looked it up and it was awesome. The graphics are awesome but still my favorites are prince of persia 2:The shadow and the flame and 3d. I saw prince of persia classic for xbox360 and ps3 but not wii…That made me sad I would love a prince of persia ultimate collection with:PoP 1,2,3d and classic. That would be cool. Well thats all I have to say Jordan(which is my name also) see ya later and God bless you.


    • 7-1-2011

      I mean 1992…G

    • 11-12-2011

      Hi…Mr Jordan I am Sanket from India…I am thanking u for huge entertainment in the world of prince of persia…..The Most entertaining game i had played till date was the “PRINCE OF PERSIA THE WARRIOR WITHIN”..
      I have words to appreciate you. Please publish a novel and pdf for us.
      Once again thanx God bless you…and keep continuing the 3D also.

  86. 7-5-2011

    I keep hearing of in prince of persia 2:the shadow and the flame that in the cavern 2, when you are in the last strech of the exit door and you run across all the skeletons and hit the switch to open the exit, if you close the door on the way back to the exit, thus trapping the skeletons the prince will say: “Whew!”. Is this true and if so, A video…?

  87. 7-15-2011


    I am a big fan of the Prince of Persia games. Recently I started playing the original one again (the one from 1989), and I was wondering if it is allowed to make and upload gameplay videos of that game, or would this be considered copyright infringement?


  88. 8-4-2011

    I am a huge fan of prince of Persia. It has given all of us from our childhood, so please do not stop releasing Pop games & comics.

  89. 8-30-2011

    Hello Mr. Mechner,

    It is an honor to be able to write here, and have a direct contact with you. I was remembering when I was a child back in the 80’s, had no computer, but used to play on my friend’s Commodore 64 your first game Karateka, that was my first approach to computers. then another friend showed me your amazing game Prince of Persia, I remember entire afternoon playing trying to reach the end of the game.

    I am not a game designer but finally ended as a Computer Engineer. I want to thank you for the inspiration given.



  90. 9-1-2011

    Mr. Jordan im a big fan of prince of persia game series. The movie adaptation was good but not exciting. Jake gyllenhal suited the role very well.
    I was greatly disappointed by forgotten sands game. As a fan, it is my humble request to revive the franchise.

  91. 10-7-2011

    Thanks Jordan for bring this great game to life. It was the first video game I played in 1996 when I 4 after I saw my father playing it on Windows 95. Ever since then I have loved video games. The PoP theme music will be remembered forever (one of the best game songs) – did you make the music?

  92. 10-19-2011

    I found what I wanted !!! Thanks !!!

  93. 11-1-2011

    Thanks Jordan for the adolescent memories! I loved the POP storyline and it’s brilliant implementation of rotoscoping! I have just purchased another one of your games, “The Last Express”, and I’m loving it already!

  94. 11-16-2011

    Hi Mr. Jordan Mechner!
    I had a lot of fun with the first original Prince of Persia!
    A few days ago, I watched that Ubisoft had released a new version of this great game named Prince of Persia Classic, but my surprise was that this amazing game is only available for XBOX 360 (XBOX Live Arcade) and for PS3 (Play Station Network) and I think… whaaat?!
    Why isn’t this amazing game available for PC?
    I think Ubisoft may release this game for PC too!!!
    If you can help us to have this game available for PC, that would be great! I’m sure that a lot of people would be happy to get Prince of Persia Classic for PC.

    Finally, thank you Mr. Mechner, I’m a huge fan of Prince of Persia.


  95. 11-30-2011

    Hi Jordan,

    when can we expect the next sequel after GHOST OF PAST. Have you started the work on script of the next part .

  96. 12-22-2011

    Hi Mr. Mechner,
    I can tell u were not helping with TTT and WW. hes a totlally different prince I hope pop 08 is good i ordered it online hehe

  97. 12-24-2011

    i am ur biggest fan btw i love all ur games and moovies

  98. 1-8-2012

    hi sir i very very big fan of prince of persia
    I nit sometime i drm only about prince of persia
    Sir auctully i have a story about prince of persia next game
    Sir i never ever try to write story
    But i will try to write the story for only prince of persia
    Sir if u want to show my idea then mail us on
    N my paper is goen till 25 jan after than i will start write story
    Thanx sir

  99. 2-10-2012

    Hello Mr.mechner
    I am from Iran and my english isn’t good.
    I have a question.
    why some persians in “prince of persia” look like arabs?

  100. 2-25-2012

    Thanx Jordan, for making our childhood such beautiful.
    Thanx from me & my game partner Pratik.

  101. 4-17-2012

    Information about the UNIX version of Prince of Persia published by Broderbund is hard to come by. Actually I’d like to buy a copy but one step at a time. Do you happen to know anything about this port of the original POP?
    (Wikipedia had information about it at one time, its archived somewhere I can’t locate)

    • 4-18-2012

      I didn’t know there was a UNIX version! Or if I did, I forgot.

  102. 4-18-2012

    Fantastic game, I as many others enjoyed PoP when younger. It’s been real interesting reading articles about how it became to be. Thanks for releasing the source code, brings insight on how programming has changed over the years.

  103. 4-19-2012

    Writing a game is a long process and you got to keep an eye to details, especially on something like assembler language.

    You chose a good/popular platform (Apple II) at the time, and a great topic (POP).

    Thanks for writing this as an inspiration for others.

  104. 4-19-2012

    Just a small hi from the company where I work, to let you know that we are still writing a lot of firmware in 6502 assembly. :)

    So it’s not dead yet…

  105. 4-20-2012

    I might have to dig out my old copies of ST Format now… they had a feature on PoP from when it was newly ported to the 68000 machines, and even some on-disc things like a version of the animation editor that had been modified as a general purpose tool for anyone to use. It came with a lot of the game’s sprites included as demo material and it was very impressive to see how you managed to make e.g. a realistic looking flame just by randomly choosing between four cleverly-drawn base images :)

    Did you ever fancy being an animator “proper”? The skills in choosing the right freeze-frame part of a character’s movement to make into one of the very limited number of sprite frames are something common to the great movie animators after all… you are limited in terms of memory and CPU speed, they’re limited in terms of production budget (cost of cels, paint, labour) and schedule (each drawing needs time to produce), but both have a similar end result… seemingly fluid and realistic motion that is actually, when you analyse it properly, only running at 8~12 frames/sec.

  106. 4-24-2012

    Hi Jordan,

    I am big fan of your creation specially POP, i have played each and every game of POP series.., Still when we dont have any new good game, i start playing POP again.. But the question in my mind is.. will there be any POP game after forgoten Sands.. there is no news on it.. eveybody is discussing in POP forums .. about it..

    If you have the answer it will be great..

    Thanks in Advance..


  107. 4-25-2012

    sir jordAN





  108. 4-25-2012

    Hi jordan,,,
    sanjeev here from india,,
    waiting for new version of price of persia,
    hoping we will get soon,,,

  109. 9-1-2012

    Hello Mr. Mechner!! I really love all the elements of your games and your creativity. I’m waiting to play the Karateka remake on Wii U and REALLY hoping for another Prince of Persia Game.

  110. 9-27-2012

    I play POP original first two DOS games on PC at starting 90s. My life changes forever. Thank you for being the star gate in my gaming galaxy universe. Now at my 36 years old I have played many games inspired by you. Thanks Again.

    Costa Rica biggest fan.

  111. 10-2-2012

    Prince of Persia was the first game we got on our Apple II in 1993 – I still have the discs :) (and yes the Apple II was already old by ’93). But we played it religiously. I always imagined which extra rooms were alluded to by certain points in the map where you couldn’t go any further but could see hints at the expanse of the dungeons or palace. Even on that simple green & black screen there was a tone & mood to each level, we felt they were real, living spaces.

    POP2 never felt the same & I later learned Jordan Mechner didn’t work on it, so that made sense. I still play the original in an Apple II emulator every couple of years, but have recently felt inclined to try the newer games Jordan worked on.

    Is anyone able to recommend a good starting point to experience the true Prince of Persia universe again, with that same style & aura in the new games?

    Thankyou :)


  112. 10-24-2012

    Hi there …

    i have 1 Question.

    The very first Prince of Persia on Apple II had 16 Colors onscreen (Apple IIe 128k) ???

    Is this right ? I thought only 4 colors possible in that resolution ….

    Please help ;-)

  113. 11-7-2012

    Hi jordan,,,
    Rishabh here from india,,
    waiting for prince of persia 6,
    hoping we will get soon,

  114. 12-6-2012

    Hi Jordan,

    First just want to say thank you not just for PoP but for my all time favourite game, “Last Express”. I used to play that game religiously, and do again today on iPhone.

    I’ve worked in games studios, and have produced many games for all consoles.

    I often argue (mostly with programmers), that a game is not successful because of its technology, but because of it’s concept – the high concept/theme/characters etc. As long as it plays as expected, the user doesn’t care about what ‘awesome’ code or technology went into creating the experience.

    I’m interested to hear what your opinion is on this?

    Thank you!

  115. 12-20-2012

    Hi …….. Friends Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is a very good game and this game story its awesome and its so Romantic , very good Drama , very good Action , very good Strategy and the puzzles are so impressive and Farah and Prince are very good couple . And its story was too Good . I am just a fan of this game . Yes I am so like this ………

  116. 3-27-2013

    Hi Jordan!
    I’ve been looking for a way to contact you for ages, I can´t believe i never found this.
    I wanted to thank you for this amazing game; I’ve played almost all of POPs with all my family and we really enjoyed them, I’m a huge fan of all of them. But what I really wanted was to ask something a lot of people wanted to know about POP the Shadow and the Flame: Who is that old lady that is shown at the end of the game? I’ve always wanted to know that. And what about that fire sword in the red castle, and that little man who comes when you get locked in a level (I don’t remember which) and opens the gate to allow you to escape?
    I hope you see this, thanks again for giving us the chance to live this amazing experience.

    • 3-30-2013

      My questions are the same as Jose’s. The Flame Sword, Small Guy from Bottle and the ugly lady in the end watching them.

      Need a decade old mystery revealed????

      • 3-30-2013

        These things have bothered me for years, I’m really looking forward Jordan to reading this, I think there is a lot of other people who would like to know this too.

  117. 4-11-2013

    Jose and Rishi — your questions are answered here: Thanks for asking!

    • 12-31-2013

      jordan i want to know how to download prince of persia the forgotten sands and plz reply the answer for this question?

  118. 6-24-2013

    Hi Jordan! I’m a huge fan of your Prince of Persia series. My favorites are your Prince of Persia (1989) and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Both games were brilliant for their time and the games had a storybook-ish charm and beauty that few others had.

    The person credited with kickstarting my gaming career when I was a kid goes to you. I was born in the 90s and the first game I played was the Prince of Persia (1989) for DOS. I’ve played almost every other PoP game since and even though you were not involved in many of those projects, I loved them nevertheless. I Even have a nostalgic attachment to Prince of Persia 3D.

    Do you plan to work on any newer PoP titles soon? I know that’s ubisoft’s call to make but I’m particularly looking forward to projects that YOU are directly involved in; not games like Warrior Within or The Forgotten Sands (not that they are bad but the Mechner-ish charm is missing!), which clearly shows the lack of your involvement in those titles. I even loved the movie because you were part of it.

    I love your works. Your games were a HUGE part of my childhood and I’ll always be a fan of your games. Thank you so much.

  119. 7-20-2013

    aftr the forgotten sands i heard dat pop zz paused by i wnt to knw dat still der iz possiblty of nxt game in the series of pop.m a die hard fan of pop.nd i wnt nxt game.only ac games from ubisoft :-(

  120. 8-16-2013

    Mr.Mechner could you please tell me how many copies have pop warrior within, 2thrones and my favourite pop 2008 (cell shaded) have sold till date please please.And come on UbiSoft is treating my favourite game like garbage.You own the game,u created it come on man you gotta do something.Its been almost 4 years since a new pop game was released.I want a sequel to the 2008 game most of the fans do.What do u think about Pop 2008.Come on the characters and storyline were epic.I specially like the elika element and the prince too.l think he was better than than the old prince and was witty and not dry and bloody like the ww prince.I would do anything for a sequel to the 2008 reboot.I conducted a poll on ubisoft pop forums and more than 80 % of the fans said that they wanted a sequel it.Plz say something. I’m a big fan.I also liked SoT.Its my second favourite game……..

  121. 1-3-2014

    jordan sir are you and ubisoft making prince of persia 6 in pc above to forgotten sands

  122. 1-15-2014

    the prince of Persia 1,2,3 is my favorite games, but part 2 & 3 is most great full game. I have completed all levels of these games. I really enjoyed.

  123. 3-15-2014

    is there a native version of prince of persia 1 or prince of persia 2 on mac osx (without dosbox or another emulation)?

  124. 3-17-2014

    mr jordan when will come pop6?are you planing something?can we hope?please tell us.

  125. 3-20-2014

    hi jordan
    its benn long time that i try to play Prince of Persia Arabian night (3D) and i is there any way to download that?

  126. 6-9-2014

    ازتون بابت ساخت فیلم وبازی پرنس پرشیا ممنونم همیشه در دنیا افرادی فقط به دنبال قدرت و افرادی به دنبال صلح جهانی هستم من نمی دونم شما چرا این کارو کردین اما از بابت این که نام ایران رو در دنیا زنده کردین ممنونم

  127. 6-9-2014

    ازتون بابت ساخت فیلم وبازی پرنس پرشیا ممنونم همیشه در دنیا افرادی فقط به دنبال قدرت و افرادی به دنبال صلح جهانی هستن من نمی دونم شما چرا این کارو کردین اما از بابت این که نام ایران رو در دنیا زنده کردین ممنونم صد هزار بار تشکر tankyou

  128. 8-5-2014

    I would really appreciate playing pop 1 & 2 on steam =) These two are still missing in my library!

    raising my hopes!

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