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Thanks for visiting. If you have questions or feedback about my work, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I appreciate your comments and try to read as many as possible, even if I don't reply to every one.

Check out the Projects section for links and latest info about my past and upcoming projects. If your question is about an unannounced project, I probably can't answer it (see FAQ below).

Cartoon self-portrait of Jordan Mechner

For press inquiries, speaking invitations, and website-related issues, please feel free to use the email form below.


Q: How can I get a book signed?

A: We’re not optimally set up to receive and mail back packages, but if you can make it (or send a friend) to any event where I’ll be, I’ll be delighted to sign your book.

Q: What happened to the old blog and RSS feed?

A: Nowadays, I post and share via Instagram, Twitter and other social media. My past blog posts and comments (from 2008 through 2013) are archived here.

Q: Will you read my...

A: As much as I'd sometimes like to, for legal and logistical reasons I can't receive or read unpublished work, whether it's POP-related or not.

Q: When will you/Ubisoft/Disney make a new POP game/movie sequel/remake/reboot? I have money burning a hole in my pocket.

A: I promise as soon as I have POP news to share, I'll post about it. I may even shout it from the rooftops. In the meantime, the short answer is: You're not alone. And it's complicated. For a longer but still-unsatisfying answer, see my POP 30th anniversary post.

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