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One of my most hopeful daydreams as a kid was to discover a secret compartment in our house, perhaps in a wall or under the floorboards, containing a cache of old papers that would set me on the trail of a long-hidden secret. (Since the house was built in 1970 and we were the first occupants, this was about as likely as finding a dinosaur fossil in one of the metamorphic rocks in the woods around our house; but it took me a long time to give up on that search, too.)

A few months ago, my friend Barry Isaacson actually did find a cache of old papers hidden in a secret compartment in his house. The real-life horror story they revealed is enough to give any child, or parent, nightmares.

Here’s Barry’s story as he wrote it for the LA Weekly.

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  1. 11-14-2008

    I’ve watched my share of thrillers and horror movies. I’ve never felt so frightened as when I watched a recent documentary ( about Jonestown. I had read about it, but actually seeing the testemonies of people who survived the tragic incident left quite an impression.

    Great article, thank you for sharing.

  2. 11-19-2008

    Thanks for reading the article Bruno; I’m glad you liked it. I guess we all think it couldn’t happen to us, but this is “us”.

  3. 7-27-2010

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