GDC: Making Prince of Persia

For those of you who missed GDC — or, inexplicably, went to GDC but missed my talk about the making of Prince of Persia on the Apple II in 1985 — that talk has now been posted online along with the other “Classic Game Post-Mortem” talks in the GDC Vault.

You can see higher-quality versions of the original “making of” videos I showed at GDC, including my brother running and jumping and lots more, here at

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  1. 5-31-2011

    hi Mr. mechner
    I read the story of Prince of Persia games and thank you for the story and game design that you did. I was very eager to see you and send you the story but did not have access to your site and even email. finally found this site. I do not know this site is for you or not. But the message finally reaches you.
    I wrote a story about Prince Syadn (Tat is one of the princes TAT’S) that happened in Iran and wanted to know your opinion about it. I’ll send this story to you very soon. And I hope that you like. Please send your email for me.
    Mustafa Bigdeli

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