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How do I keep up with all the myriad developments in the world of Prince of Persia? With Google Alerts. That’s how I just found out that

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands testament passion the new plot from stylish year’s periodical reboot and go back to the humanity of Sands of Quantify, the games on which the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer flick is supported.

This shouldn’t proceed as untold of a earthquake to incessant readers of Game Life, who already bed that serial creator Jordan Mechner said early this month that Ubisoft’s City apartment was working on “something that I’m frantic about” and that he due an annunciation soon.

Hot on the heels of the lodging for the Prince of Persia celluloid, Ubisoft has announced that the next Prince of Empire courageous will be usable in May 2010.

Pretty accurate reporting, overall, except I thought what I actually said was “The vodka is good but the meat is rotten.”

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  1. 12-3-2009

    Good thing I read about the new Sands of Quantify announcement elsewhere before, because this only confuses me. :) I’m really curious about this new game, so I’ll have to watch the Video Game Awards like the PoP game website suggests:

  2. 12-3-2009

    Looks like your Google Alerts found a copy/paste of a back-and-forth Google Translate of this original blog post at Game|Life:

    Just so you know.

  3. 12-4-2009

    Crazy translation programs occasionally produce pretty funny results, but Sands of Quantify?! That is pure comedy gold, right there.

  4. 4-2-2010

    Actually, this is a linkbait article written for SEO purposes. It’s not mistranslated – it’s been “Roget’ed” using bad half-synonyms via some crappy automated process. “Time” became “quantify,” “based” became “supported,” etc.

    The madlibs technique allows the sleazy poster to attract a modicum of traffic; if he merely reposted the original article Google would smack him down for being a duplicate.

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