It’s a Book!

I’m happy to announce that in response to numerous reader requests, The Making of Prince of Persia is now available in two additional formats: in .epub format, and (drum roll…) paperback!

The paper book comes from CreateSpace, a really cool self-publishing service for authors. Basically, we sent them a print-ready PDF and they did the rest. The book weighs in at 323 pages, and looks and feels like a good-quality trade paperback. We’ve priced it at $16.99 (the difference from the ebook versions reflects the printing cost).

You can purchase the book here.

To anyone who’s previously paid for another version of the ebook and would like to have the .epub version for convenience, let us know and we’ll email it to you. Like the PDF, it’s non-DRMed.

Once the dust has settled, I’ll post (and Aaron, Dave and Danica may guest-post) about the results of our grand ebook/self-publishing experiment, and what we’ve learned. Short answer: It was more work than we anticipated — but now that we know how, the next book should be a lot easier. I think.

Also: For readers curious about who some of the people referred to in the journals are, or what became of them, I’ve posted a “who’s who” of players in the making-of-Prince of Persia saga, here.

Many thanks to everyone who’s read the book and reviewed, posted or tweeted about it. The response has been fantastic, and makes it all worth it.

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  1. 2-11-2012

    Is there any way to order the paperback book to Russia. Amazon doesn’t ship there :(.

  2. 2-13-2012

    I’ll absolutely get the paperback version. Even with shipping to Germany it’s only 20€, that’s still a very appropriate price in my opinion.

  3. 2-17-2012

    Hello !
    I already purchased teh PDF format a while ago then converted it to epub. The result is not so good.

    Is it possible to request the epub format based on my previous purchase ?

  4. 2-27-2012

    Just finished reading the book-version while on vacation in Mexico. Book goes well with beaches and palm trees.
    Also, finally playing POP which I somehow never played much back when it came back (but was a huge Karateka fan). So playable still to this day.

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