Templar Sneak Preview

Just back from a visit to LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland‘s San Francisco studio, where they’re hard at work drawing Book Three of our Knights Templar graphic novel trilogy, Solomon’s Thieves.

I’ll post as soon as we know the release date. There’s a lot of work still to do — the full trilogy will weigh in at over 450 pages, in full color. To all those who read Book One (published last year in paperback) and are waiting for the rest of the story, many thanks for your patience!

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of a couple of inked (not yet colored) pages from the third book:

I’ve posted these in an album on the Solomon’s Thieves facebook page, plus a colored sample page from Book Two.

(By the way, the Sketchtravel auction was a huge success and raised over $100,000 for the charity Room to Read. Yeahh!! Looks like some kids in Southeast Asia are getting a library.)

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  1. 11-8-2011

    Oh yes! Eagerly waiting for it. :)

  2. 1-16-2012

    Looks super!

  3. 1-31-2012

    Is there any kind of cheeky discount for previous book 1 owners? =p

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