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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in HD

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The first official trailer for theĀ Prince of Persia movie (opening in theaters May 28, 2010) is now online.

There are some bootleg low-res versions bouncing around the net, despite the best-laid plans of Mouse and men. Accept no substitutes. The hi-def version looks better.

I got to see the trailer in a movie theater for the first time last week in San Francisco and L.A., when producer Jerry Bruckheimer and I did Q&As with journalists. It was quite a thrill seeing it on a big screen with a theater full of people.

There’s actually one line of dialog in the movie trailer that’s also in the homemade game-footage trailer John August and I used to pitch the project to Jerry and Disney six years ago. Which is funny, because the line’s not actually in the movie (at least I don’t think it is). No prize for spotting it.

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  1. 11-2-2009

    wow this trailer is just amazing. i like how pieces of warrior within and the two thrones are in the movie. the prince’s wardrobe mirrors warrior within, and the rewind of the dagger shows what looks like part of the dark prince from the two thrones.
    this is really one of the only great video game to movie adaptations i’ve ever seen.

  2. 11-3-2009

    I’m really happy that you managed to reach your dream after all these years, a big Hollywood movie! The fact that you built it up from your hobby makes for a fantastic story.

    However, I hope once this is all done, you’ll take a sabbatical and write a game the proper way again – by yourself, in a room with a computer. Karateka and Prince of Persia weren’t only good for their storytelling and technology, they were real both rare gems of game design. I know it will never happen, but I wish you would take a year and make another single-authored game.

    I enjoyed the newer Price of Persia games, and I loved The Last Express, but these games with large teams of designers never quite have the clarity of vision that single-authored games (or novels, or songs) have.

  3. 11-3-2009

    Wow, I’m really impressed, I have been a fan of Prince for such a long time and the trailer shows that the movie does capture the dynamics of the charaters and the story which I was afraid wouldn’t come across. I guess with you being the screenwiter, I shouldn’t have been worried! Thank you for the story, the games, and now the movie. May is such a long way away.

    I’m with Bennett, please write more.

  4. 11-3-2009

    so excited!

  5. 11-5-2009

    The movie seems very wonderful …

    i hope from ubisoft and from you

    to make a new game from Prince Of Persia Like (the sands of time) or continue it

    or make game collaborate between the three old game (SOT,WW,T2T)

    and called this game (Prince Of Persia Legacy)

    actuallly we need a game have a wonderfull graphic,gameplay and story like Warrior Within

    but not like Prince Of Persia 2008

    Best Regards Mr. Jordan

  6. 11-5-2009


    congratulations for such a high profile movie release of Prince of Persia. It seems it will be one of the few vg-based movies that do the actual game justice.

    Best, Bjoern

  7. 11-7-2009

    Wo-ho!! That looked amazing! And looks like it’s gonna do justice to the Trilogy. Cant wait till May. Oh, and there was speculation that Jake wouldn’t do well in this role. The trailer totally rubbishes that.

  8. 11-9-2009

    The Trailer looks great and even though it has already been said I really liked seeing the tie-ins to the other games in the series like the daggertail at 45 seconds. Anyways great job to you, Jerry, and disney.

  9. 11-14-2009

    Hello Jordan

    I’ve a player of almost all your games since I’m 8 y/o when I first saw Prince Of Persia for DOS (the 1) and the PoP2 WaF— I’ve been always thrilled on the way the history develops to make the way until the end and win the game.

    What I’m wondering right now is, when you began developing POP (the 1st POP); did you ever imagine your game to become the complex world you’ve created and the movie you’re about to publish un May’10?
    What’s your feelings about that your wonderful idea becoming a major movie?
    Did you ever thought about it when you were 15 or 18 y/o?

  10. 12-21-2009

    Johan R, you should read from the Old Journals (linked at the top of the site) to find out what some of his thoughts were at the time.

  11. 2-19-2010

    Hi, i started play POP only after Sands of time in 2003. I played all versions of pop and i love this game. In 2008 I heard that disney is planing a pop movie, since then i waiting this movie.
    When i first saw this trailer a few month ego, I was very glad. The movie cg effects are looking great.

    Good luck to you Jordan….

  12. 2-28-2010

    congratulations for such a high profile movie release of Prince of Persia. It seems it will be one of the few vg-based movies that do the actual game justice.

  13. 6-12-2010

    Saw the movie and it was great! I’m happy the Sands of Time game got a worthy big-screen translation. Hope you guys do a sequel! Congratulations! :)

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