A visit to Lucasfilm


Just gave a talk to Lucasfilm at their Presidio campus. The invitation included spending a night at the Skywalker Ranch — the stuff of dreams, for me.

I’d been to the ranch once before, in 1987. I was two years out of college, stalled halfway through the first Apple II version of Prince of Persia, and torn between pursuing a career in computer games or screenwriting. In fact, the old Broderbund Software building where I programmed POP is just down the road from the Skywalker Ranch (a long, winding, scenic road, often foggy and frequented by deer). So being invited back to tell Lucasfilm staff the story of POP’s 20-year journey — fromĀ 8-bit computer game to summer movie — felt pretty cosmic.

Especially considering that it all goes back to the first ten minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Both the Skywalker Ranch and the Presidio campus are seriously nice places — in idyllic natural settings, with a level of luxury and attention to detail rarely found in movie or videogame studios. And filled with sacred artifacts like the Original Millenium Falcon.

I got a tour and a sneak peek at some of the cool stuff the LucasArts guys have been working on, at least one of which I’m pretty sure I can mention without violating the NDA I signed along with the retinal scan.

Thanks, Lucasfilm, for a great and memorable visit.

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  1. 7-12-2009

    It was a great talk. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. 7-12-2009

    I envy you! Skywalker Ranch is one of those places I can’t wait to visit.

    Just out of curiosity, was George Lucas himself there? I know that he’s focused most of his attention on producing lately, but I think he should start directing again. Have you ever seen his 1971 film “THX-1138″, with Robert Duvall? I just watched it and cherished every minute. It’s proof that despite that “Star Wars” mania, Lucas is truly an artist.

  3. 7-14-2009

    from the look of the sketch, the ranch seems really peaceful. even though i’m not a big star wars fan, i’d love to visit there one day. did anything there inspire you for any new prince of persia ideas? i’d love to hear some new stuff about prince of persia (gamewise)

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