It’s a book!

Just had to share the excitement I felt on opening the package from my publisher and seeing an advance copy of Solomon’s Thieves, my first original graphic novel.

The book won’t hit stores until May, but you can read about it here, or even (blatant self-promotion alert) pre-order it from Amazon. (return to subtle self-promotion)

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  1. 1-19-2010

    I saw this when I was browsing Amazon for Post-Christmas gifts. I was gonna pre-order it, but my local comic shop needs my business.

  2. 1-20-2010

    Looks awesome! I want a copy!

    Congratulations on your first graphic novel! Its always a great feeling to live up a childhood dream. I got really inspired about this matter after viewing and reading The Last Lecture( And knowing someone like you achieve yours inspires me too.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. 1-20-2010

    Great! Congratulations!

  4. 1-20-2010

    Suddenly I feel compelled to click “pre-order” (I think your blatant self-promotion is working just fine). ;)

  5. 1-21-2010

    This sounds great! I’ll certainly be picking it up.

  6. 8-18-2010

    Is Solomon’s Thieves the name of the series? We’re trying to get out cataloging correct with this 1st book in the series.

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