Classic Game Postpartums

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be speaking at Game Developers Conference 2011 in San Francisco, about the making of Prince of Persia (the original, 1989 side-scroller) as part of their “Classic Game Postmortems” series.

I’m especially excited to hear from the other speakers — an awesome lineup including, among others, Eric Chahi, Will Wright, Ron Gilbert, Peter Molyneux, John Romero, and Toru “Pac-Man” Iwatani — about how their games, which sucked up┬áso many hours of my youth, came to be.

(A non-game-industry friend asked me, in some confusion: “Why call it a post-mortem?” These are retrospectives of games that shipped, not ones that got killed. But even though we game designers and programmers are supposed to be a logical bunch, I don’t think the term “post-partum” is going to catch on any time soon.)

See you at GDC!

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  1. 1-25-2011

    Hello, Jordan
    So many masters in this Conference. Could ask Eric Chahi about if he has any palns about moving Another World to a big screens? And does he have any social activity in Facebook or Twitter?

    Best regards,
    Daniel (following you on twitter as @daniel_ilyin)

    • 2-24-2011

      I’ll be sure to ask him.

  2. 1-25-2011

    Wow, I’ll be there too :D

    I’m looking forward to is so much!!!!

  3. 1-25-2011

    What an outstanding lineup it will be, It will be interesting to hear what the developers plans are for these classic games. Games that have shaped the industry in what it is today. With the New platforms such as the Iphone, Ipad, and Itouch, it would be wonderful to see these titles emerge again in its classic forms, I also think that the classic Karateka would be a hit as an Iphone game. Wish I was attending, but I will follow the news eagerly nonetheless.

    Best Regards

  4. 1-25-2011

    I hope someone films this, it sounds incredibly interesting.

  5. 1-26-2011

    1989 Prince Of Persia Postmortem! I wish I could be there… please post all about it!

  6. 2-12-2011

    This will be my first GDC and this is at the top of my list!

  7. 2-25-2011

    Perhaps because you don’t usually dissect things post-partum?

  8. 3-5-2011

    no news about princeofperis 2008sequel?

  9. 3-10-2011

    Hi Jordan, it’s Ben (from Yale). I saw you at your PoP post-mortem on Wednesday. So me and my friend have been trying to work on games while dealing the Yale workload, which basically comes down to us coding frantically on Friday nights in Linsey-Chittenden hall. It’s been difficult and we’ve been wondering: how did you manage to complete Karateka while at school?

    • 3-10-2011

      Ben — Thanks for coming!

      The secret is easy: I got really bad grades.

  10. 5-26-2011

    i cant believe im actually in your blogspot! i love your games so much! prince of persia is the best series ive ever played! i was just wondering…will you ever make a sequel to the PoP series because i’ll be more than happy to know…and make it xbox360/ps3 compatable because PoP looks great in these systems.

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