Web Site Admin: Passing the Torch

David Anaxagoras, who’s ably assisted me behind the scenes these past three years, is stepping down as jordanmechner.com’s website administrator/consultant. In today’s guest post, David says goodbye, and readies the torch for his successor.

If after reading David’s job description and requirements below, you think it might be up your alley, please write to us at ask@jordanmechner.com.

David — Many thanks for your kind words and your diligent work. I know many readers will join me in wishing you best of luck in your adventures still to come.

I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye and introduce myself. You might know me as Jordan’s web site administrator, but it’s more likely you don’t know me at all. I keep a low profile. I move, ninja-like, through the mechnerspace, nipping and tucking bits of code, mercilessly slaying spammers, conjuring solutions from PHP and destroying them when they no longer suit our needs.

For three years I have done this, and now I am about to take my leave.

I was lucky to have been volunteered for this job — having been recommended to Jordan by someone familiar with my screenwriting blog. The job fit my needs at the time as well as Jordan’s. The gig was part-time, molding nicely around my full-time job and, aside from the occasional fire or project launch which required some late nights, it took up just a handful of hours per month on nights and weekends.

I didn’t know everything about WordPress tags or PHP when I started, but knew how to find answers. Which I did a lot of. Aside from basic coding competence, the most important skills needed here are a tenacious problem-solving ability and a fierce determination to succeed. Those qualities didn’t come from my coding background, however — I had gained that from years as a struggling screenwriter.

So why go? Yeah, it isn’t easy to say goodbye. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go of something that’s already really good, something that’s safe, in order to go after what you really want. This is a realization that came, ironically, from spending many hours in close company with Jordan’s excellent memoir. It takes a while sometimes to recognize the rut you’re in. My writing life has been in a holding pattern for a while. It’s time to change that. And sometimes when you have difficulty changing just one or two small areas of your life, it’s a sign you need to flat-out change everything.

So I’m turning in my ninja gear. I look forward to returning to Jordan’s blog as a reader and a fan. I hope to sweep the cobwebs out of my own blog and with any luck, I’ll be reporting on the progress of my own adventures there soon.

As for Jordan’s site, a new champion will rise to take my place. I encourage anyone with a bit of experience running a web site to enter the dojo and apply for the job. May you find the job as invigorating and inspiring as I have.

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  1. 4-5-2012

    David, I wish you the best of luck! The website ran marvelous the last few years. And Jordan, I hope you’ll find someone equally qualified to continue his work!

  2. 4-6-2012

    I love that Jordan’s journal itself has spurred you into gear!

    I’ve been going through a sort of self exploration during and since reading the journal too!

    All the best!

  3. 4-6-2012

    Thanks for the well-wishes!

  4. 4-16-2012

    You have some very wonderful articel on your webblog. I like it very much!

  5. 10-18-2012

    I am really enjoy to read your blog, and I want to be like you someday

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