The wilderness of childhood

This essay by Michael Chabon is so true, I just had to link to it.

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  1. 7-28-2009

    Chabon is a genius, isn’t he? It only took him seven months to write “Wonder Boys”, which of course was a fantastic story- and resulted in the excellent 2000 Curtis Hanson film with Michael Douglas.

    Reading this new essay of his, I couldn’t help but nod my head when he talks about how the outside adventures of young boys will eventually be replaced by places with boundaries like Chuck E. Cheese. Of course.

    It happens to all of us. In our young ages, it’s as if we’re exploring our manhood- which is then stripped away from us sometime around our preteen ages when we have to learn how to conform. Then we become adults, and we have to go find our manhood all over again.

    He’s right, too, that parents are more overly cautious these days. Roger Ebert wrote a similar article in his own blog just last month:

    Funny… Ebert shares the exact same opinion! There must have been a recent nationwide event that got Chabon and Ebert putting their thinking caps on all of a sudden. Wonder what it was?

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