Just got back from my first-ever visit to Toronto, a city I’ve long wished to visit for many reasons, yet somehow, amazingly and despite being from New York, never did until this weekend.

It was a whirlwind, too-short 36 hours including

  • Ubisoft’s Toronto studio launch party Sunday night
  • giving the keynote Monday morning for Interactive Ontario (talking about one of my favorite subjects, Prince of Persia)
  • doing a TIFF “Film and Games” panel later that afternoon with Jade Raymond and Jon Landau (a really nice, down to earth guy who produced two small yet profitable indie films, Titanic and Avatar)
  • standing ovation for Catherine Deneuve after the premiere of “Potiche” (her 109th movie according to IMDB)

The Toronto International Film Festival felt welcoming, spiffy and well organized, like Toronto itself. I left the city by an airport on an island in the middle of downtown that you take a ferry to get to. Now that’s cool.

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  1. 9-15-2010

    Too bad you seem to have missed the music garden, it’s a beautiful project that the cellist Yo-Yo Ma started, and they regularly have live performances there, must be an awesome athmosphere. Well, at least you’ll have a reason to return to Toronto ;)

  2. 9-15-2010

    Did you attend the screening of Godard’s latest? I heard that half the audience walked out of Socialisme because (intentionally) there were no English subtitles.

  3. 9-16-2010

    “The video games are meant to be played, not watched” – the great phrase! Unfortunately, most of modern video games follow the opposite idea. Fore some reason most games are “one-time”, supposedly the picture is more important than the gameplay.

  4. 9-16-2010

    It was a pleasure to meet you and have you speak at IN10, I’m so glad you enjoyed our city.

  5. 9-16-2010

    Did you see Beautiful Boy? My first film as an Exec Producer just premiered there and sold to Anchor Bay.

  6. 9-17-2010

    Glad to have had you in Toronto. I’m a big fan of the PoP series, particularly the original side-scrollers (my all-time favourite is the Shadow and the Flame). Just wanted to comment on your phrase, “Video games are meant to be played, not watched” – I’m inclined to debate this. I love playing video/computer games. At the same time, one of my favourite pastimes is _watching_ my husband play video games. A lot of well-made games are entertaining, both to play _and_ to watch.

  7. 9-18-2010

    Well, you see, the video game’s picture mustn’t be so great to make the game great. Here you are the example: the first Prince of Persia. The graphics is not very cool but the game is played nowadays too and it’s popular. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – the graphic is awful, but the game is godlike. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – graphic is great, the game isn’t. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – the same thing.

  8. 9-20-2010

    Mr. Mechner,I’m glad to announce as a Persian,for the second time after playing the famous Video game,I was completely blown away by the spectacular,stunning Prince of Persia movie on DVD.And I eagerly look forward to seeing more of your works on cinema!

  9. 9-27-2010

    Hey Jordan,
    It was awesome to “meet” you (from afar, which is still awesome). You are a very driven person with an eye for adventure. Looking forward to more!
    Thanks for the link, too!

  10. 11-15-2010

    It was a pleasure to meet you and have you speak at IN10, I’m so glad you enjoyed our city.

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