Sometimes I add sepia ink wash to my sketches afterward. I’m always nervous that I’ll ruin a perfectly good line drawing, but it’s amazing what a difference even a touch of color can make.

Posted on Nov 16, 2008 in Blog, Sketchbook | 6 comments

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  1. 11-17-2008

    Hi Jordan,

    Really enjoy your sketches. What type and size sketch book have you been using lately? It looks like it’s got one of those elastic things that come on the moleskin notebooks.



    P.S. Big fan of your Prince of Persia videogame — looking forward to seeing your adaptation on the bigscreen!

  2. 11-17-2008

    Moleskine 5×8. They’re almost too trendy, but they really are good quality, and the elastic band and the pocket in the back are useful.

  3. 11-19-2008

    Thanks Jordan!

  4. 11-19-2008

    Forgot to ask, what do you use to sketch? Pen, pencil and what type? Thanks!

  5. 11-25-2008

    I agree — I tend to keep a crayon with my journal for similar reasons. (I like crayons because they give a similar depth, but can be kept in my pocket.)

  6. 12-31-2013

    Hi Jordan! Your sketches are great! And the prince of persia is simply top (along with another world). One question: what do you use for line drawing?

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