Prince of Persia movie sketchbook

Here are some sketches I made on the Prince of Persia set in Morocco.

India is the assistant script supervisor.┬áThe straw hat on the director’s chair is Mike Newell’s.


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  1. 3-14-2009

    That’s lovely, Jordan. Do you regularly scan/backup your moleskine?

    • 3-20-2009

      I just use the low-tech approach of trying not to forget it somewhere.

  2. 3-15-2009

    I love that camel. :-)

  3. 3-27-2009

    Dear Jordan,

    thank you very much for your “The Last Express”. I finished playing it two weaks ago and think that will retun to this brilliant game in the future. As I live in Odessa and Russian is my native tongue, it was quite pleasant to hear very authentic Russian of the beginning of the 20-th century (the modern pronounciation changed for a little).
    Besides that “Prince of Persia” was my very first game on PC (it was 1992). I walked though the entire game only in 2003.
    I wish you all the success with all your projects and can’t wait to see “POP – the movie”.

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