The Last Express Arrives on Android

For The Last Express fans with Android devices, I’m happy to share some good news from French developer DotEmu: Our game is out today on Google Play.

Oddly, although The Last Express was conceived as a point-and-click adventure, mobile (with headphones!) has now become my favorite way to play it. Its immersive story, which encourages hours of meandering and eavesdropping, is best experienced in a comfortable position — like curling up on the couch with a good book. I especially like it the way it feels on a plane. And, of course, a train.

For non-Android folks, The Last Express remains available on PC, iOS, and in its original 1997 three-CD-ROM version.

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  1. 12-9-2013

    Merci Jordan pour cette excellente nouvelle, depuis le temps que je désirais découvrir ce jeu !

  2. 1-6-2014

    I just finished this incredible game on my Android tablet, and I have to say, “Wow!” This is one of the most exciting and interesting games I have ever played. I’m a fan of adventure games, so I don’t really know how I missed it when it was first released. I sure am glad that it was released for modern devices, though. I’ve made my wife play it and she loves it, even though she’s not a big video game player. This game will stick with me for a long time, I think.

    Thanks for all the love and attention to detail you put into this game.

  3. 7-25-2014

    Is Paul Verhoeven still gonna turn this game into a movie? I sure hope so. He confirmed it 3 years ago, but no word since.

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