Still more camels

morocco08This was day 30 of the Prince of Persia movie shoot.  A spectacular setup with about 350 extras, horses, camels and goats lined up on a ridge. That afternoon a sandstorm rose up suddenly, prompting the decision to wrap early.

A huge exodus of cars, trucks, animals and extras ensued. I had the bright idea of walking the five minutes back to base camp along with the extras, instead of getting a ride, so I could take pictures of the exodus.  This was how I found out that (a) a five-minute walk in a full-on sandstorm takes a lot longer than five minutes, and (b) it only takes about thirty seconds for a camera to get so full of sand that its moving parts won’t move any more.

When I got to the air-conditioned sanctuary of Mike Stenson’s trailer, he remarked: “You’re a different color than when I saw you last.”

Then it rained.

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  1. 5-5-2009

    Really nice. I can “smell” an adventure game in the air. :)

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