They were mizzled too

Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin have been posting terrific weekly podcasts over at John’s site. If you’re an aspiring or working screenwriter, or just curious about how writers fit into the whole moviemaking process, I highly recommend them.

Friday’s podcast especially warmed my heart. It’s ostensibly about the working relationship between screenwriter and director, but that’s not why I’m reposting it. It’s because Craig and John showed me that I wasn’t alone growing up pronouncing words like

misled = mizzled
segue = seeg
awry = orry
hyperbole = hyperbowl

until the day, generally years too late, when the awful truth came crashing in on me.

But I still think it’s possible that I may be the only one who grew up reading HWADDA-nits. You know, in paperback. Like by Agatha Christie.

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  1. 9-20-2011

    All of the above for me! And one more:

    mimicry = mimic-RAI


  2. 9-20-2011

    Okay – I give up. Try as I may, I cannot reverse engineer “HWADDA-nits”.

  3. 9-23-2011

    Ah, forgot one!

    minutiae = minute-AY

    Oh, the humanity…

  4. 10-19-2011

    One I remember doing as a kid was recipe pronounced just like recite.

  5. 10-20-2011

    For me it was DEBTER-mine (determine)

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