Prince of Persia at VGA

Tonight’s Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009 broadcast will include a couple of Prince of Persia exclusives:

– The first footage from Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

– Jake Gyllenhaal introducing a new clip from the Prince of Persia movie in which he stars

I’ll be there, too. Although with the rain, this would really be a perfect Saturday to stay home, watch TV and play video games.

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  1. 12-12-2009

    I’m sure the “The Forgotten Sand” teaser will be uploaded to the official site sooner or later, but until then check GameTrailers:

  2. 12-13-2009

    Hi Mister Jordan. Thanks so much for always updating your blog ^_^
    I saw the trailer of the new game. I love the look of it, but I gotta say this: I hate the new look of the prince T_T;; he looks just like Jake! Not saying it’s a bad thing, but since the game is supposed to be back to the SOT storyline, then how come the Prince looks totally different!
    Is this game a reboot of the sands story with another Prince of Persia (with no Farah, kaileena, vizier and such?) We don’t know any more details except that it will have “many of the fan-favorite elements from the original series as well as new gameplay innovations that gamers have come to expect from the Prince of Persia brand.”
    Please be kind to all of the fans and tell us more lol

  3. 12-13-2009

    i agree with selva, the prince looks way different, i was pleased to see the sands of time arc come back, and the “forgotten sands” part is apparently this huge sand creature thing. but the prince, he doesn’t look like the prince from sands of time. my first thought was MAYBE, a son of the prince, OR a new prince. clarification please? :D
    also, are you working on the storyline for this game or is it another game that doesn’t follow what you wanted like warrior within?

  4. 12-13-2009

    As I’ve understood it, it’s a tie in with the film, which would make it a different Prince and a different Persia. The movie is based sparsely on the game because the two mediums work differently. Likewise, rather than adapt the film’s story to the game, they wrote a new tale based within the same universe.

  5. 12-14-2009

    I’ll be interested to see how the game turns out. Movie tie ins are (almost without exception) mediocre games, and my faith in Ubisoft ever doing anything right with the Prince of Persia series has pretty much run out – what little is left being crushed further with every new release :(

    I wish they could have shown some footage of the actual game, instead of just cutscenes too. Surely with just a few months until release there must be some actual game play footage!

  6. 12-14-2009

    I hate the Internet sometimes. One person can insist that something is true, and there’s always the chance that it’ll snowball into everyone thinking the same.

    Forgotten Sands is not a movie tie-in. It’s a game set between the Sands of Time and Warrior Within. They’ve stated many times that it is in the Sands of Time SERIES universe, and there are now interviews about how it is between the two games. Seems to me people’re just looking for something to complain about, like usual.

  7. 12-14-2009

    Yeah, my bad. But what do you expect when they go with the WW costume they’re using in the film, redesign the prince, and set the release for May.

    I’d rather have seen an original costume. It would have set it apart from the film mentally.

  8. 12-14-2009

    Indeed, I’m just irritated that so many people ignored what they said and jumped on the ‘hurr movie cash in’ bandwagon.

    While I would like a different costume also, I guess they wanted to explain where he got the armour (with its medallion fitting) from in the first place.

  9. 12-14-2009

    I figured TFS would depict more or less the same as the SoT film, because that’s that games that appear along films usually do. Beato2106, with “they”, do you mean Ubisoft? And what about the “many times”? I only remember them giving a few lines of text forming a bit of a vague description, nothing since, except for the recent teaser. Do you have any links to more information, because like you say, on the internet people can say anything. :)

    I came here to link to an interview I just found, saying it takes place between the SoT and WW games:

  10. 12-15-2009

    OK, I didn’t realize it wasn’t a direct movie license. I think it’s an easy mistake to make though, there hasn’t been a whole lot of info released about it. A game based on a movie based on a game did seem a little ridiculous :P

  11. 12-15-2009

    By ‘they’, I mean every single (actual) source I have seen on the subject of Forgotten Sands when it was announced. It’s not that Ubisoft said it many times but that it’s been reiterated everywhere. Gaming blogs, news sites, whatever. Which is why I don’t understand how almost everyone completely ignored them and decided it was a movie tie-in. In fact, there are people still insisting that it’s a tie-in completely disregarding the interviews that just went up.

    Regardless of that, a game-movie game has happened before at least twice. Generally though, it’s limited to things like Mortal Kombat. I wonder, though, if the original Sands of Time was exactly the same game but also with a movie back when it came out, would people react the same way they have to Forgotten Sands?

  12. 12-15-2009

    omo thanks so much for the link of the interview about TFS. I had no idea the story was set between the SOT and the WW. I had always wondered about what exactly happened to the prince during these years, how did he meet his crew on the ship, who’s that gut that died and he felt sad about, why did he change so much from that very young care-free prince to that angry and aggressive man (apart from the Dahaka chase and the whole “your fate is written” thing) and where did he meet the old man? That would be really interesting.
    I’m also excited to know that Yuri Lowenthal is back in the voice of the Prince again. I always loved his portrayal.
    But still this one tiny little thing: why does the Prince look different? o.O

  13. 12-15-2009

    @Beato2106 I admit I usually primarily visit Kotaku and The Escapist, but as a PoP fan I did look around, and the sites I found only mentioned Ubisoft’s original description which is ambiguous about the story. Unless the sites I missed somehow had access to more, official information, I’ll have to assume they were posting their guess (or interpretation) as fact. A good guess too apparently. :)

    @selva You’re welcome. I actually came here to post the link to another interview I just found. Apparently the Prince has a brother, which was new to me:

    I am curious if they’re going to explain the old man in TFS, because it would be a good time.

    On the subject of the story, I understand the game Nintendo DS game “Battles of Prince of Persia” (which I haven’t played) also takes place in the 7 years between SoT and WW, but no idea if the two games overlap, or if one takes place before the other yet.

  14. 12-16-2009

    The press release clearly said ‘a return to the Sands of Time storyline’ and later on, ‘Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands™ will feature many of the fan-favorite elements from the original series’.

    I don’t think it possible to return to a storyline that hasn’t started yet, nor that a film can have ‘fan-favorite elements’ when it hasn’t accrued any fans. Not that a film is even compatible with a game in the way they’re implying.

    There’s nothing ambiguous about that unless you choose to selectively ignore parts of it.

    Besides that, it’s likely the game takes place before Battles of… because he supposedly gets his tattoos in that, whereas he doesn’t have any in the trailer. That, and it takes place shortly after the Azad event. Of course, the trailer and story are subject to change. Not to mention that we don’t exactly know if they’ll choose to ignore Battles of…

  15. 12-16-2009

    The sentence starts: “PoP: TFS will feature many of the fan-favorite elements from the original series as well as new gameplay innovations…”, so I believe those elements refer to gameplay elements. The story was mentioned in a different sentence, so I don’t believe it’s about that.

    The sentence before that mentions the SoT storyline, and in this instance I more broadly regarded that as everything SoT-related (trilogy, Battles, I guess the LEGO and toys, as well as the SoT film), although in hindsight that is an assumption on my part, perhaps because of how The Escapist wrote their article (it seems they assumed the same thing). I wouldn’t be surprised if I would have assumed just the game trilogy if I found out about TFS through a different article.

    The word “return” I read as: return to the SoT storyline after the Corruption storyline.

    Not sure why I’m being such an apologist on this; I guess I was curious how my reasoning must’ve happened at the time. :) By now it’s moot, we know when the game takes place, at least more closely.

    Good eye on the Prince’s tattoos! None in the TFS trailer, and I do see them on the Battles box art. You’re right, maybe Battles isn’t canon (any more) due to inconsistencies that might be introduced with TFS. We can always consider it and TFS two parallel timelines, both leading up to WW.

    It would be nice if TFS explained the medallion, because that seemed strange.

    Like Victor Carias, I have to admit I am curious about the extent, if any, of Jordan’s involvement with TFS.

    Finally, it seems from the trailer there is a big whirlwind of sand forming an enemy presence. Am I the only one reminded of the similar looking enemy seen on some SoT (original game) concept art? :)

  16. 12-16-2009

    It’s mainly the irritating emoticons that cause me to ‘fight back’ on this kind of thing. No other reason. Not sure why they irritate me, they just always have.

    One thing I’ve just noticed, however, is that barely anyone actually sourced the press release, so that’s probably part of the reason no-one read that part.

    Anyway, we’ll see how they deal with it. Supposedly he gets them for becoming a general during Battles of… (I never actually played it, and people on the board have a habit of making things up to suit themselves and their bizarre arguments) so there’s a possibility they’ll keep that game canon. They may just completely ignore it, leaving it ambiguous. I imagine the sandwhirlwind has something to do with the elemental control that’s in this game.

  17. 12-25-2009

    In case anyone missed it, here is a link to the Dastan Online Featurette. Be warned that it shows a bit more about the story, so if you don’t like spoilers, don’t watch the video.

    Also now has images of 4 (of the 5) LEGO sets. These might be spoiler-ish too, I guess.

    (Thanks Kotaku for the links.)

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